Active Dingo - Seasons 1 + 2

High-Spirited Dingo
(Matured Swim Network / Adultswim / AS)
[From Matt Thompson and Adam Reed, the Creators of Sealab 2021.]

Seasons 1-2 Complete
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Starring: Stuart Culpepper, Christian Danley, Adam Reed, Eric Sims, Neal Holman, Kelly Jenrette, Kate Miller, Casey Willis, Matt Thompson, Mr. Ford, Scott Lipe, Amber Nash, Mack Williams, Cutthroat Mike, Marsha Crenshaw, Roger Heng, Edward Hastings, Mike Bell, David Caicedo, Shontelle Thrash, Ashley Zeltser, Fortuitous Yates, Rick Dascher, Lisa Michaelis, Ellis Henican, Bruce Miles, Tiffany Morgan, Dave Roberts, Mike Schatz, Betsy Scott, Matthew Stanton, Spencer Stephens.

Writers: Adam Reed, Matt Thompson.

Directors: Adam Reed, Matt Thompson.

Producers: Keith Crofford, Michael Lazzo, Adam Reed, Matt Thompson.

IMDB About this flood:: Xander Crews is a billionaire man about town whose change ego is the superhero Astonishing X. He«d much rather goof around as a superhero than look out for to the dull aspects of management a corporation. The only hornet»s nest is that Astonishing X has gotten rid of every wonderful-villain in the burgh, and now his provisions apex Stan wants him to have a zizz as a male lead and get down to compensatory the associates he«s been management into the lees with his superhero expenses. Coincidentally, a new wonderful-villain named Killface appears. His ideal is to overturn human nature using the Annihilatrix, a contraption which upon wind-up will send the blue planet into the sun. The only hornet»s nest is that he has no way of getting the 12 billion dollars needed to end his doomsday thingumajig. Luckily there happens to be a billionaire man about town in town...

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Seasoned 1...

S1E01 - Find Killface
S1E02 - Find Astonishing-X
S1E03 - Pander My Revenue
S1E04 - XPO
S1E05 - Kidnapped!
S1E06 - Crisis Room
S1E07 - Find Antagone
S1E08 - Unthinking Faith
S1E09 - The Odd Couple
S1E10 - Flowers for Nearl
S1E11 - Pester Escape
S1E12 - Penultimate Fighting
S1E13 - Urge Issues

Seasoned 2...

S2E01 - Regard A Sorrowful Horse
S2E02 - The Opposition
S2E03 - The Issues
S2E04 - The Essence Problem
S2E05 - The Miracle
S2E06 - The Middle
S2E07 - The Reflection (Element 1)
S2E08 - The Reflection (Element 2)
S2E09 - A take on «Hooper»
S2E10 - Wendell Goes Secret Again
S2E11 - Cody Gains a Namesake
S2E12 - Differences are Put A Little Aside

[Chapter Steer Included.]

This flood is a element of Operative: Walloping Word It Be Known, Signal Two.


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