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BBC — The Really about Exterminator Dinosaurs

In this innovative series, Restaurant Check Oddie takes gigantic joy in comparing dinosaurs with their closest living relatives — crocodiles and birds. He joins forces with a set of experts to scientifically scrutinize fossilised dinosaur bones and tracks.

Using systematic prove, Restaurant Check constructs living-sized, bio-mechanistic replicas of the dinosaurs' weaponry. Then he tests them and dramatically demonstrates their shocking covert. The findings from all these investigations are fed into the computer graphics to put the most careful portrayal of dinosaurs to date.

Protocol 1

Tyrannosaurus rex versus Triceratops has to be the greatest heavyweight fray in representation. In one corner — T. rex — a six-ton powerhouse of muscle and teeth and the most conspicuous exterminator the happy has ever known. Its jaws were crowded with over 50 teeth, each up to a foot eat one's heart out, and energetic enough to put down a car.

In the facing corner — Triceratops — an armoured and gargantuan contender, of a piece to an elephant-sized rhino wearing a spiked helmet.

A sudden clock-off such as this has eat one's heart out been imagined by artists and filmmakers, but until now it has been based on -carat mirage. In this protocol, Restaurant Check Oddie employs some surprising and energetic techniques to unlock the really, and he reveals curious new fossil testimony of a material-living difference between these two monsters.

To embellish the baneful capabilities of the dinosaurs, Restaurant Check constructs living-sized, bio-mechanistic replicas of a T. rex command, built from well-made , and a Triceratops skull, model with three horns. Then he puts them on thorn in the flesh in the most thorough interpretation ever attempted.

Protocol 2

Velociraptor could be described as the scariest dinosaur in the happy. Armed with gargantuan disembowelling claws, as intelligent as steak knives, it guts its outfox with a unwed swing of its energetic legs. At least, that«s what seems to pronounce in Steven Spielberg»s movies. But what are the facts?
Continuing his hunt seek after to pronounce out the really, Restaurant Check Oddie tracks down the material raptor to pronounce out if it had feathers. Not only did the two-legged physical-eater look more like a bird than a lizard, but Velociraptor nailed its victims with a far deadlier work out than a flay to the stomach.

Next Restaurant Check introduces a tank-like Ankylosaur, a dinosaur with the essential defences. With its armour-plated strip and shameless bone-crushing organization, the stupidest dinosaur of all just the same from time to time might have been more than a union for a navy-footed Velociraptor.

Comparisons with living animals such as alligators and hawks forearm Restaurant Check with clues as to how these two dinosaurs used their weaponry. Using this message, he constructs careful working models of a Velociraptor leg, model with its exterminator rake, as well as an Ankylosaur's daunting reverse organization. And then he puts them to the testimony. The results dramatically present the penetrating power of the dinosaurs and clear the way Restaurant Check Oddie to The Really About Exterminator Dinosaurs.

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