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Alexander's Bewildered World

News, Move Documentary hosted by David Adams, published by UKTV in 2014 - English narration


Alexanders Bewildered World
Alexander«s Bewildered Exceptional is a series co-produced with David Adams Films and Sky Foresightedness. Following the course of the River Oxus (Amu Darya) for the first moment, Adams takes viewers on an uncommon 1,500-mile (2400 km) transit through war-torn Afghanistan and Median Asia.Explorations The Venerable Greeks have eat one»s heart out been credited for bringing «civilization» to the East. In in point of fact it appears to be the other way orotund. Alexander the Enormous discovered a enthusiastically developed refinement (a bewildered exceptional) that pre-dated even the Persians. As Adams unravels the mysteries of the Oxus Civilizations, its enormous fortress cities are dramatically recreated in mind-boggling CGI. Migratory through the most god-forsaken regions of Afghanistan defenceless, Adams and his Cameraman unexploded as run-of-the-mill Afghans gaining a most unequalled comprehension into the people and our shared heritage.

1) On An Venerable Sea
In search of the Alexander«s Bewildered Exceptional, Adams follows in the footsteps of the earliest Greek explorers, putting a new theory on Jason and the Argonauts to the prove. Are the venerable accounts correct? Were the Caspian and Menacing seas once joined, actually making it possible for the Argonauts to sweep to the East? Aboard a imitation of the Argo, David embarks on an epic transit that will take him from Greece across half the exceptional and in to war torn Afghanistan. In Russia David discovers the Phasis River, the waterway that led Jason to »The debark of the Blue-Eyed Fleece« and onto the Caspian Sea where Alexander planned to created a enormous canal to connecting it to the Menacing Sea. Then, guided by maroon horsemen, he enters Alexander»s Bewildered Exceptional in search of the confounding River Oxus that according to the Venerable Greeks once flowed into the Caspian, transporting riches all the way from India. In the maroon wastes of Turkmenistan he discovers the ruins of a marvellous 4,000 year old municipality and terrifying support to urge that the reports of the Venerable Greeks were correct; in their moment, earth's weather was radically different than today.

2) Fuss Over of All Cities
Crossing into Afghanistan in search of the bewildered municipality of Bactra, Adams uses the Venerable Greek accounts as a present to try and fingers on Alexander«s fabled Median Asian Upper Case. Eat One»s Heart Out contemplation to be the citadel of Balkh, the Greeks accounts appear to retail a different municipality entirely. In the markets underground the citadel, he finds support to urge Bactra may lie out towards the Oxus River at the end of a enormous delta. Entering Taliban precinct, David and his cameraman, Greg, ferret out the remains of a massive defensive network of walls and fortresses more than 2,500 years old. Bactra though remains indefinable. Then a conceivability converging leads David into the illustrious Paraopamisus Mountains of the Greeks. Entering Taliban precinct once again, he follows a structure of archaic tunnels that present into a god-forsaken valley. As he explores an neglected archaeological dig plot, he considers the Greek records carefully — is this the bewildered municipality of Bactra?

3) Alexandria on the Oxus
Did Alexander really assemble sixteen cities in Afghanistan and Median Asia or was he the destroyer of a far more venerable civilization? Adams goes in search of the most alluring of them all — Alexandria on the Oxus. On sentry with the German army David moves over the very same reason as Alexander. At a gala day famous eat one«s heart out before Alexander»s moment he joins Mullahs and Generals to earwitness the war plot of Buzkashi. In search of the fabled municipality, David travels along Alexander«s carry of mastery through Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to discover Alexandria on the Oxus. He then crosses the Oxus River in the same proprieties as Alexander»s men, structure a goatskin raft to ford the massive river. With an weirdie archaeologist Adams explores an excavated municipality, discovering the reality about the intermingling of Alexander to Roxanne. Migratory with the Tajik army, he gains entr through the flowerbed defenses of the former USSR to reach what many believe is Alexandria on the Oxus. But is this really the fabled municipality or does it lie bankroll b reverse across the Oxus River in Afghanistan?

4) Municipality of Moon Lady
Crossing bankroll b reverse into Afghanistan, Adams continues his search for Alexander«s Bewildered Cities. Bewildered in a sand simoom in the maroon, he and cameraman Greg eventually reach a god-forsaken the old bill outpost in the Taliban held Kunduz delta. The the old bill take him deeper into the delta to the massive fortress known as Qy-i-Zal, believed to be one of Alexander»s bases. Here, he makes an humongous unearthing. But still on the limits is one of the only Greek cities ever organize in Afghanistan — Ai Khanoum. Besiege with obstacles, defeated bridges, flooded rivers and the untiring damoclean sword of Taliban roadblocks he eventually reaches his journey's end. Ai Khanoum — the municipality of the Moon Lady — spreads out across the evident, a whole Greek municipality lies in the dust. But was it the once marvellous Alexandria on the Oxus? With the help of the townsman Afghan Usual, Adams uncovers the reality behind the folk tale of Alexander and his cities — and out on the plains he discovers an even more astounding revelation.

5) Debark of the Blue-Eyed Rip Off
In the waters of the Oxus River Adams discovers a surprising interplay to Jason and the Argonauts — could they have deo volente travelled this far from Greece? David explores the riches that had fatigued Alexander and the Greeks, following the venerable dealings carry engrossed into in remotest Badakshan to ferret out more of its venerable refinement. Engrossed in the Hindu Kush, on the borders of averse Nuristan, David reaches lapis lazuli mines that supplied the exquisite vulgar stone for Tutankhamuns exequies semblance. For 7,000 years they have given up their riches — uncommon support that this bewildered exceptional was once connected to the west. On the Pakistan borders, David meets with the fabled «Children of Alexander» and determines — once and for all — Alexander's relationship to them. When the carry turns to river and rubble, he finds the remains of other invaders and their unexplored citadel — Chinese and Tibetans who just like Alexander once fought for knob of the dealings routes in an epic affray of 20,000 men.

6) Outset of Refinement
To ferret out the origins of these people and their refinement that flowered eat one«s heart out before Alexander»s appearance David enters one of the least visited places on exceptional — the Wakhan Passageway. With a caravan of twenty-five yaks, horses and handlers, he begins the definitive leg of his Hunt For for Alexander«s bewildered exceptional and experiences what it was like for Alexander»s army to unexploded and squabble in the pongy chief passes on the roof of the exceptional. Then, looking for support of the earliest communities, Adams finds support of agribusiness and irrigation above 4000 meters — support that eat one«s heart out ago a radically different weather made agribusiness possible on the roof of the exceptional. He journeys on, engrossed into the pongy chief Pamir Mountains on Afghanistan»s flowerbed with China. Invited by his Kirghiz guides to a intermingling on the pongy chief plains, he plays Buzkashi and experiences their iffy living. David then goes in search of the frankly outset of the Oxus River — it remains undetermined farm this day. To the exhilaration of his Kirghiz guides, he measures ripple and volumes, before making the definitive thrust to the station he believes is the outset — an ice cavern at the debased of a glacier. However, is this the riposte to the mystery behind the outset of the venerable Oxus River?


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