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Greatest Cities of the Domain Series2

Journey Documentary hosted by Griff Rhys Jones, published by Uncovering Canal, ITV in 2009 - English narration


Griff Rhys Jones visits serious metropolises, exploring their multiform cultures and encounter the plain people who relax them their individual position and identity

1) Rome
The author and actor returns to encounter a day in the life-force of three more serious cities, inception with a inflict to Rome to ascertain its traditions, past and secrets. He eats offal and milks goats in the high style of a Roman countrywoman and visits a basilica that is diggings to nuns who pass their lives in crown tranquillize. Griff learns how to rule at one of the busiest avenue intersections in Europe and lands an audience with the mayor — who explains how to run the burgh without being assassinated

2) Sydney
The author and actor heads Down Under to encounter a day in the life-force of Sydney, knowledge how what started as a disciplinary colony is now regarded as one of the most seductive places in the domain to flaming. He joins members of the Surf Scrutinize span in their helicopter as they con the sea for passive dangers, is taken to a hallowed plat by an Autochthon cultural kingpin and visits the Opera House

3) Hong Kong
The author and actor heads to the Far East to encounter a day in the life-force of Hong Kong, a complex burgh that is a mix of the old and new, East and West, and where consumerism and spiritualism flaming side by side. Griff helps run a hedge at a bird call, goes on a bus expedition with a union of Chinese tourists, has a qualify broil with a troop of boy scouts and joins schoolchildren being taught a one of a kind method of bent arithmetic


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RunTime Per Depart: 46 min
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