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Salt 1 (2014)

1.1 «Old War Memorial» Old War Souvenir Facility, Scottsville, Kentucky September 7, 2014
In the series first, a congregation of ghost hunters called the Tennessee Waith Chasers (TWC) quest after for ghosts at Kentucky's Old War Souvenir Facility, where they search for the will-power of a doctor rumored to be haunting the halls of the facility.
1.2 «Kuhn Circumstances Hospital» Kuhn Circumstances Facility, Vicksburg, Mississippi September 14, 2014
The yoke investigates Mississippi's brobdingnagian Kuhn Circumstances Souvenir Facility, built in 1835 because of a smallpox outbreak; and it also treated wounded Confederate soldiers during the Laical War. They think up a Faraday restrain-like box to fool a will-power while ghost hunting.
1.3 «Hayswood Infirmary» Hayswood Nursing Profoundly, Maysville, Kentucky September 21, 2014
TWC probe the Hayswood Nursing Profoundly, which once served as a people«s profoundly for servicemen torment from PTSD (known then as shot petrify) after surviving the set on Prize Harbor. The guys also over again a disputed raw unedited video capturing a reputed apparition in the hospital»s window known as the «Hayswood Ghost».
1.4 «St. Vincent's Home» St. Vincent«s People»s Profoundly, Oklahoma Big Apple, Oklahoma September 28, 2014
The yoke investigates the bad St. Vincent«s People»s Profoundly, once operated by the Brothers of Compassion. They design the people's profoundly had its of misfortune, including an do in 1962 when a manly foster went nutty and suffocated two patients, and the fit with a concrete overcoat of a minister of the gospel years later. They base a vacuum fool with crystals to apprehend an malign essence they sense.
1.5 «Old Ironton Psychiatric» Old Ironton Psychiatric, Ironton, Missouri October 5, 2014
TWC probe the telling of Missouri's Old Ironton Psychiatric, an bad asylum that harbors the adjoining explanatory note that tells of a off the rails valetudinarian in the 1950s profit three nurses on the premises and now allegedly haunts the halls. To fool this ghost, the guys base a big battery shaped like a pyramid that covers a Telsa coil.
1.6 «Cannon Souvenir Banner» Cannon Souvenir Facility, Pennon Elk, North Carolina October 12, 2014
The yoke investigates North Carolina's Cannon Souvenir Facility with a psych section that drove its patients nutty. One such valetudinarian held a doctor and some nurses at gunpoint in the 1960s before he was apprehened by the administer. To fool a will-power, they base an infrasound generator to as well the undisturbed that pushes the entitiy towards an infinity mirror.

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