Tales Of Tomorrow

Tales of Tomorrow

Fashion Anthology

Discipline Fiction

Starring Thomas Mitchell

Lon Chaney, Jr.

Boris Karloff

Rod Steiger

Brian Keith

Leslie Nielsen

Franchot Tone

Paul Newman

Realm of outset Collective States

Terminology(s) English

No. of seasons 2

No. of episodes 85


Uninterrupted convenience life 25 minutes


Native direct ABC

Envision shape 4:3 Diabolical and Innocent

Audio shape Monaural

Native run August 3, 1951 – June 12, 1953

Tales of Tomorrow is an American anthology discipline fiction series that was performed and sow physical[1] on ABC from 1951 to 1953. The series covered such stories as Frankenstein, starring Lon Chaney, Jr., 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea starring Thomas Mitchell as Captain Nemo, and many others featuring such performers as Boris Karloff, Brian Keith, Rod Steiger, Bruce Cabot, Franchot Richness, Gene Lockhart, Walter Abel, Leslie Nielsen and Paul Newman. The series had many similarities to the later The Wane Area (1959 TV series) which also covered one of the same stories What You Need. In amount it ran for eighty-five 30-half a mo episodes.

ProductionThe intimation for this discipline fiction goggle-box series began by Ted Sturgeon and Mort Abrahamson, together with the Discipline Fiction Coalition of America, it«s native name was going to be «Tomorrow is Yours».[2] A attend to was struck between them, Richard Gordon, and George Foley, this entitled the producers of the guide to have first selection of any of the 2,000 in a word stories and 13 novels by the various litt members of the »Science Fiction Coalition of America'. It was ment to be the first discipline fiction guide for adults, as there were already many for children.[3] It aimed to bring indefiniteness with discipline fiction, for a fixedly reckon and suspence,[4] it also gave authors such as Arthur C. Clarke their first televised adaption of their works.[5]

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