Blood of the Vikings (BBC 2001 - Consummate Series)

Julian Richards investigates Viking Britain, from the first raids to their agreement of the British Isles and traces their legacy through a genetics survey

Jaunt assist to 793 on the beach of Godly Holm, territory to the serene monks of Lindisfarne who were brutally murdered by raiders from the sea. The Norwegian countryside reveals Viking graves, littered with treasures that once belonged to the monks!

In Oseburg, Norway, uncover an whole Viking ferry, preserved in a walloping interment rest. On quarter, search out the innards of the knockabout bursting with joy that archaeological bear witness connects to a Scottish tibetan buddhism lamasery, burned and pillaged hundreds of years before.

On the salty bluffs of northern Scotland, where the obsolete Pictish people lived, investigate a still-current over. Historians evince that the Vikings maintained serene relations with the Picts, trading with them cleanly. Now, discover others contend that the Vikings wiped these pre-Scotsmen off the map! Whichever the receptacle, one point seems certain: the Vikings took every available moment and soul to produce money.

The Survey

The UCL genetics surveying set out to search out if any genetic traces of the Vikings remained in the British Isles — and what this might celebration about the Viking Age. We hoped to espy out where Vikings settled and nearly how momentous those settlements were. DNA samples were taken from men at a army of sites. In the crucial, close-fisted towns were chosen and the men tested were required to be able to tinge their virile succession assist two generations in the same agrarian field — within 20 miles of the city chosen. The aim was to decrease the effects of later denizens movements, assuming that in between the Norman onslaught of 1066 and the 20th century move would have been limited.

The tests looked at the Y chromosome, which is only carried by men. This chromosome is particularly useful for denizens genetics studies as it is passed exactly from paterfamilias to son with substantially no change. Other chromosomes occur in pairs, one colleague of which is passed on from the and the other from the paterfamilias. But because women do not fool around a Y chromosome, geneticists can always be sure that this share of a man's DNA has come from his paterfamilias, and from his grandfather before him. This chromosome allows geneticists to inaugurate to unravel the virile ancestry of the British Isles.

1. First Blood

Depredate Chop Off rest secreted in graves in Norway provides some biggest clues that applicable to Viking perpetrators following the revelation of liquidate victims in Wales and a tibetan buddhism lamasery razed to the rest in Scotland.

2. Invasion

In AD 856, a walloping convoy of Viking ships appeared off the beach of East Anglia, heralding a replacement in Viking tactics — from raiding to onslaught. Richards charts the years of attempted victory that followed.

3. The Sea Road

Julian Richards investigates the collision of the Vikings in Britain. This version focuses on the archaeological tail diminish sinistral by the Vikings as they travelled from Norway along the sea technique to Dublin. Settlements, a knockabout interment and bear witness of trading have been discovered on the Scottish isles, and silver-tongued hoards rest in Ireland bring up that Dublin was not only well-to-do and impressive, but also a nave for commerce in slaves.

4. Rulers

Julian Richards recalls how, after years of raiding, England's opposition was so weakened that, in the at the crack 11th century, the Vikings were at length able to seize the throne. In other parts of the British Isles however, they gained and maintained power by integration.

5. Last of the Vikings

In the last of the series, Julian Richards uncovers new word from the clash in 1066 between Viking warlord Harald Hardrada and Regent Harold of England that unmistakeable the end of the Viking age in Britain. Results from a nationwide genetic surveying expose where in Britain the Vikings sinistral a measurable contribution.

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