Wolverine - 111 - Kurohagi [Oj]

Wolverine — 111 - Kurohagi [Oj]

Tract Synopsis: Next in the four-allotment Astonished At Anime stick out and broadcasts after the Iron
Man anime. Wolverine is a mutant, possessing animalistic-trenchant senses, enhanced psychical
capabilities, three retracting bone claws on each bracelets and a healing circumstance that allows him
to return to health from for all practical purposes any offend, affliction or toxin at a accelerated rate



No. Championship Nonconformist airdate English airdate
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11 «Kurohagi» October 7, 2011
«Kurohagi» (θ╗ΓÇÖΦ┬É⌐∩╜┼╛KUROHAGI) Trek 18, 2011

Logan and Yukio at the end of the day place it to Dragon Manor House, but link up resisters by the combined forces of the
Yashida and Kurohagi families. Koh and his men turn up just after to facilitate Logan with reaching Hideki Kurohagi.

Vadhaka returns, mercilessly beats Logan, and as he is about to do business the finishing nor'easter is stopover Kikyo.

Kikyo states that he wants Logan living for a rematch at chuck-full brawniness, and the two business to negate Vadhaka.

Vadhaka plausibly holds Kikyo and Logan in a deadlock with his unreal brawniness and shooting spear attacks.

Koh's men rather commence to lay siege to the manor house as the donnybrook rages outside. Logan realizes that to balk Vadhaka,
he takes one of the spears that were threw earlier, and with Kikyo's aid, skewer the freak threw its bazoo-
as it was the only serious stornger than his claws which could break forth Vadhaka's armor.

Meanwhile, Hideki takes a noncompliant Mariko to unify him elsewhere when everyone is escaping the blood bath
of Koh«s men assaulting the manor house. As Logan makes it to Kurohagi, he holds Mariko pawn foreboding to write »finis' to her.

Hideki, secretly holding a dart gun with a dispatch developed by A.I.M. to write «finis» to Wolverine, takes aim and shoots at Logan.

Kikyo intercepts this and survives the painkiller attacking his healing circumstance transforming-- given that the dispatch was meant for Logan,
the effects were not livid.

Verbal Vocabulary: English



Wolverine — 111 - Kurohagi [Oj]


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