[Korean] Dae Jang Geum Boon In The Ch (Unmitigated eng chin sub)



Organization : DivX/AVI
Enter measure assess : 18 x 2.1 Gb
Duration : 54 x 1h05 Min
Codec ID : MPEG4
Bit at all events : 1500 Kbps
Range : 624 pixels
Maximum : 472 pixels
Show Off quality proportion : 4:3
Forge at all events : 29.970 fps
Unshakeability : 24 bits

Audio Langue : Korean
Organization : mp3
Groove(s) : 2 channels
Representative at all events : 48 KHz
Bitrate : 128 kbits

AVI Information
Filename: DJG_Voll_1_Ep_01_03.avi
Filesize: 2278534562 Bytes (2172,98 MB)
Streams (i.e. Video, Audio): 2
Video Stream
Compression: DX50 - Unknown
Avg. Bitrate: 1500,04 kbit/s
Unshakeability: 624x472
Color Measure: 24 bits
Meet Values Bright And Early: 10522,01 s (2h 55m 22s)
Framerate: 29,9700 fps
Microseconds Per Forge: 33366 ms
Frames: 315345
Keyframes: 2755 (Every 114)
Audio Stream
Swell Species: 85 - MPEG Layer 3
Avg. Bitrate: 128,00 kbit/s
Representative At All Events: 48000 Hz
Bit Measure: 0 Bits
Channels: 2
Audio Putter: 0,00 s

This is 54 Scene Series


Ownership: 대장금(大長今) / Dae-jang-geum
Also known as: Pearl in the Ch / Accomplished Jang Geum
Episodes: 54
Advertise network: MBC
Advertise while: 2003-Sep — 15 to 2004-Mar — 23
Air values bright and early: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Soundtrack: Dae Jang Geum OST

About 500 years ago during the values bright and early of Chosun Family, Korea boasted a rigidly hierarchical and spear dominated group shape. Set in this while, «Jewel in the Palace» is based on a right plot outline about a immortal wench (Jang-Geum) who became the first maiden to be the paramount grand physician of her times. Despite her short requirement as a low grade wench in the spear dominated organization, Jang-Geum overcame a series of group favouritism and landed herself as a grand cook, later becoming the grand physician, then at the end of the day the physician in indict of the sovereign. She was even given by the sovereign the ownership «The Accomplished Jang-Geum». The plot outline of her checkered existence on her good and collapse as well as her fondness plot outline splendidly be divulged. «Jewel in the Palace» is sure to border your heart.

Roots: MBC Far-Reaching Media
Lee Adolescent Ae as Seo Jang Geum
Jo Jung Eun as adolescent Seo Jang Geum
Ji Jin Hee as Min Jung Ho
Hong Ri Na as Choi Keum Young
Im Ho as Sovereign Joong Jong
Yang Mi Kyung as Han Baek Adolescent (Jang Geum's cooking tutor)
Yeo Woon Kye as Jeong Mal Geum
Han Ji Min as Shin Bi
Lee Se Eun as Yeol Yi
Im Hyun Sik as Kang Deok Gu
Garden Jung Soo as Garden Yong Shin
Jo Kyung Hwan as Oh Gyeom Ho
Garden Eun Hye as Lee Yeon Saeng
Choi Ja Hye as Chang Yi
Geum Bo Ra as Na Joo Daek (35)
Lee Seung Ah as a Doctor trainee
Jun In Taek as Jung Yoon Soo
Kim Hye Sun as Ms. Garden (Jang Geum's mom/Royal lady concomitant, 18-28)
Kyun Mi Ri as Ms. Choi (Keum Young's patroclinic aunt, 38)
Lee Hee Do as Choi Pan Sool (45)
Ji Sang Ryul as Garden Il Do (25-50)
Garden Chan Hwan as Suh Cheon Su
Maeng Sang Hoon as Jung Woon Baek (45)
Kim Do Yun as Shi Yeon
Kim So Adolescent as adolescent Jo Bang
Na Sung Kyoon as Yoon Mak Gye
Kang Jung Hwa
Lee Ip Sae
Eom Yoo Shin
Won Duk Hyun
Lee Se Eun
Kim Yeo Jin
Jun Soo Yeon
Kim So Yi
Joo Da Young
Han Adolescent Kwang
Seo Bum Shik
Han Adolescent Sook
Setting Credits
Chief In Britain Commander: Jo Joong Hyun
Commander: Lee Byung Hoon
Author: Kim Adolescent Hyun

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