MTV - The Stimulation Time 24 - Rivals II Trailer 720p x264

The Doubt S24 Rivals II — Trailer 1 720p x264

Meditate On being offered a sentience-changing amount of in clover. But the only way to get it is to vocation with someone who has backstabbed you... Or tormented you... Or defeated you... Or humiliated you... Your biggest rival!

This period on Rivals II, 32 of the most zealous Doubt competitors ever will up the tropical depths of peculiar Thailand, only to be paired up with their biggest antagonist. These sworn enemies must mould out a way to get over their bad blood and vocation together in categorization to win a quota of the stupendous $350,000 champion!

Not only will these teammates need to vocation through their own issues, but they will also have to fray their striving in a series of generosity-pounding challenges. Here's how it works: there will be manly doubt days and female doubt days. After each doubt, the pleasing span will be safe and sound from elimination. However, the last-grade span will be laboured to conflict in the Jungle, the battleground for a mentally and physically punitive elimination truthful. Then, their young man competitors will publically opt on the span that will go into the Jungle against them. And this interval around, an unprecedented understanding to the voting plan will send shockwaves through the whole spirited. These two unlucky Jungle-determined teams will then fray for survival. The winners will get to discourage in the spirited and conflict for affluence and magnificence. However, the losers will be sent retreat with yes nothing. The only way to get a cut of the loot is to pass it to the very end and conflict in an epic incontrovertible doubt.

With $350,000 on the queue, things are certain to get horrible-looking. Some teams may venture to put their worrisome late behind them, while others will exertion to negotiation with their unsympathetic portrayal. These rivals will publicize themselves -- and each other -- late their breaking points, sparking new feuds that will throw up both on and off the competitors. Tempers will flare, fists will be raised, and hearts will be on the queue -- as there have never been as many sodden steal-ups or moot romances as there are this period! Those who can last until the end will conflict in a horrid finale anything they've ever seen or expected, in the incontrovertible get a wiggle on to judge which manly and female span will upon the first grade champion and be crowned champions of Rivals II.

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