Stargate SG-1 - Mature 04 - Episodes 1 thru 11

Stargate SG — 1 - Enliven 04 - Episodes 1 thru 11

Stargate SG — 1 - Mature 04 - Episodes 1 thru 11

Stargate SG — 1 Enliven Four Incident Guides
4.01 «Small Victories Voice 2»
SG — 1 is called upon to help a contest of tender, greatly alert aliens struggling against a multitude of starving, bloodthirsty unemotional spiders called replicators. But the location becomes much more confused when a lone replicator is discovered in the most unlikely of places…back impress upon on Planet Dirt!

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4.02 «The Other Side»
SG — 1 responds to a cry for help from a condemned sophistication, which promises to offer Earthlings access to greatly advanced technology in reciprocity for supplies that would help them vanquish their enemies. But the work together soon discovers a surprising quietly that may demonstrate that SG — 1 is doing a lot more injury than sympathetic!

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4.03 «Upgrades»
SG — 1 is selected to probe the effects of newcomer disabuse of tech military wristbands on benignant wearers, and soon realize themselves blessed with spectacular guts and skedaddle. But when they are sent on a vocation utilizing these new abilities, they learn a surprising admonition about the downside of power.

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4.04 «Crossroads»
When a alluring priestess from the planet Chulak claims to have a sketch that would seriously debilitate the Goa«uld, everyone is understandably skeptical. SG — 1 must marry forces with the Tok»ra in enjoin to put her sketch into essence, but a bloodthirsty, occult quietly could imperil the sound deal!

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4.05 «Divide And Conquer»
When an SGC soldier under the ascendancy of a Goa'uld wisdom dial will attempts to assassinate a Congress colleague, SG — 1 must uncover other imminent assassins—even amongst themselves—before the president arrives for a pivotal apex meeting.

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4.06 «Window Of Opportunity»
After SG — 1 visits a outlandish planet in the mesial of a geomagnetic blitz, they realize themselves repeating the same day over and over again. The work together must utilize their accumulated acquaintanceship to termination the interval nautical bend before there are ruinous consequences across the universe.

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4.07 «Watergate»
SG — 1 joins forces with a alluring Russian scientist to explore a rogue Stargate in Siberia, linked to a uncanny hose planet. The work together must broach via submarine to the hose planet, where they conflict an unexpectedly paralysing newcomer disabuse of precense that just might nullify them all.

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4.08 «The First Ones»
During an archaeological assess of fossils on a Goa«uld planet, Daniel Jackson is abducted by a menacing humanoid organism, prompting SG — 1 to start on a vocation to unloose him from his newcomer disabuse of captor. But Daniel soon learns that the creature»s intentions are not at all what he thought.

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4.09 «Scorched Earth»
After relocating an threatened sophistication to a «safe» new planet, the work together realizes that another contest of aliens is planning to incinerate the planet's integument to perform as serve as it inhabitable for their own contest. Will SG — 1 be able to work out with the marauding aliens, or will their plans for interplanetary discretion go up in flames?

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4.10 «Beneath The Surface»
With their memories erased and their identities changed, SG — 1 realize themselves trapped below a domed big apple on a planet of ice, toiling as a horse laborers. Can they come to their senses and perform as serve as a prepare for the integument, or will they leftovers enslaved underground railway for the take forty winks of their lives?

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4.11 «Point Of No Return»
When a quirky collusion philosopher contacts SG — 1 claiming to know classified data about the Stargate, at first they think he«s bluffing. But when they explore his unshackled claims, they catch on to he»s a lot closer to the facts in fact than they thought…and has a few more surprising surprises up his sleeve.

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