Diseases Don't Just Meet With - How Vigorous Living Splendour Prevents

This is a courteous prominence video I got off google video
a 2 hours and 17 min diatribe on what to eat and what to avoid
download was very slacken off at 30kb/sec and it didn't get much consider either

if most knew what was detrimental to eat we wouldn't be this bored today
throw away viands are promoted heavily advertised quotidian on tv newspaper armoury persuasion mall anywhere everywhere, reliable well health viands suppressed kept arcane so that we get bored, fat and are bankrupt
avoiding bad viands can restore to health bug or interdict bug
why cigarette is damaging to the lung, sperm cubicle or sex member, why alchohol beverage is damaging to the liver and percipience cell
This video bully what others are saying about msg, considerate, frozen dinner, hot dogs, essentials products, preservative and other strange twaddle like regime coke, coke, regime sprite, regime pepsi all considerate beverage is just fluent candy
That is just a unpremeditated on the skin you will learn a lot more when watching video thoroughly
snifter piles of distilled water, about a gallon a day
about coffee and the purposes of caffeine
about wan rice, brown rice, wan bread, wheat bread, french bred.
downheartedness, sympathetic hotchpotch, sympathetic swaying, paucity of animation, angst, antibiotic
medication, medicine drugs are a plague and side purposes are the marker indicative of of it
drugs don't restore to health bug, they only investigate bug.
chlorine and fluoride in tap water
fluoride in toothpaste
don«t siesta enough, don»t snifter enough distilled water, don't exercise?

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