BBC - Andrew Marr's Curriculum Vitae Of Latest Britain, 2007

BBC — Andrew Marr's Depiction Of New-Fashioned Britain, 2007


Andrew Marr's Depiction of New-Fashioned Britain is a 2007 BBC documentary idiot box series presented by Andrew Marr that covers the epoch of British depiction from the end of the Second Exactly War ooze. Five parts. DivX.

1. In Front Of Britannia, 1945 — 1955

Britain in 1945; the provinces is successful but nearly bankrupt. As Clement Attlee«s Be Disadvantaged By regime sets out to body »New Jerusalem«, Britain is faked to sustain out the begging roll in Washington. Though Ealing Studios produces a series of very British comedies and there is a mind of expectation in the air, the British people»s growing impatience with austerity threatens to take the provinces from bankruptcy to self-destruction.

[systematization] 2. The Soil of Vanished Satisfaction, 1955 — 1964

The 1950s were a epoch of marked tranquil, systematization and plenty for Britain, but much of the bourgeoisie was hankering for vacillate turn into, many began to misgivings the regime and protestors and satirists led people to suspect and satirize their rulers. In 1961, the intrigue between working-type Christine Keeler and Secretary of Grandeur for War John Profumo brought the closed exactly of the British founding together with the proud new Britain growing up around it.

[systematization] 3. Blessedness Vanished, 1964 — 1979

As the 1960s rise, Harold Wilson takes hub situation in a lickety-split changing Britain as the provinces looks to new-fashioned technology and a fairer, liberated to be to come. However, the Wilson governments presided over years of industrial differ, stagnation and set. As Edward Heath's regime ascends to power in the 1970s, British energy is reduced to working a three-day week, tension is rationed and the provinces is again haunted by the of wartime austerity.

[systematization] 4. Revolt! 1979 — 1990

The Britain of Margaret Thatcher and comes to some surprising conclusions about the British inhabitant bat. It was a epoch of last ideological polarisation. Superior visions stirred again as the division sailed for the Falklands. Privatisation and deregulation amounted to a cultural, trade and factious revolt. Prominent inhabitant saving counter-intelligence agent or terminating act of self-destruction? An scrutiny of the enormousness to which we British are all now the children of Thatcher.

[systematization] 5. New Britannia, 1990 — 2007

Britain enters the unmapped waters of the locate-Thatcher era. Many have done well in the end during the Thatcher years but now prosperity is turning to bust. Britain feels more exposed than ever to prompt supranational vacillate turn into — from the valid of sturdy new supranational merchandise forces to supranational warming. Just when many in locate-war Britain are getting used to the fitting life-force, it seems we might have to start giving up our big cars and extraneous holidays.


Andrew Marr:

There is no unbiased history; or at least no depiction that is both unbiased and inviting. Depiction is always written, or filmed, from a standpoint.

Any historian is mincing by their antiquated of confinement, geography, learning, factious prejudices and temperament. This is particularly straightforwardly for a parallel depiction, such as my new Depiction of New-Fashioned Britain, the BBC series and the fat register with it.

I'm a BBC give utterance and I try very inflexible, therefore, to leave alone function factious weight. More than that, I wanted to tell the testimony of this provinces since 1945 in a way that was candid to as many viewers as possible — asking questions, reminding, provoking, rather than laying down the law.

This is depiction, but it«s only just depiction. I was acutely alert that almost everything I talk about was lived through, up cease operations, by people who will be watching or reading. It»s their testimony.

My job was to knit together countless «theirs» into one «our story», which is scheduled to be contentious, and should be. So, to take some examples, I talk about the outrage many people felt for the locate-war subsistence, particularly the unloved imported tinned fish snoek; yet there will probably be people still active who kindliness that actually, snoek was rather nice.

I talk about a provinces brimming with expectation in 1945, which seems to me a conservative compendium of all of I've assume from. But lots of people will have been grimly melancholy. The nearer you come in antiquated, the more contested every communication is scheduled to seem.

Who was really to condemn at the Orgreave confrontation between control and miners?

My take on the Bloody Sunday shootings will inevitably arouse some people, including people who were there, either in the army or on the streets.

Then there are the less noisy questions. Was David Bowie really a gender-bending subversive, or do I deal with him too seriously?

And is it proper to satirize Eighties big-ringlets music quite as aggressively?

Everywhere I go to glaze, from the grotesque sororicide of James Bulger in Bootle, to the ships of the Falklands stint valid, or the steer live from where the 7/7 London bombings were dealt with, or Alexandra Residence, where the 14-hour technicolour hosanna erupted, I«m stepping on people»s memories and lives.

This isn«t medieval depiction, or Tudor depiction. It»s us.

Andrew Marr — 18 May 2007


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