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Category: Advontuur/drama
Taal: Engels
Ondertiteling: NL
Vertaling: Blackbeard

Episode 01: The Devil's Dominion

The Longitude Chronometer, a slogan that will modification the have, is stolen from HMS Petrel by pirates working for the immortal but hypothetically desire disused Edward Guide — better known as Blackbeard. On billet the Petrel is Tom Lowe, an English spy working secret as ship«s surgeon. Lowe»s purpose is to hinder the Chronometer from falling into the hands of pirates... and if the chance should come up, to assassinate Blackbeard.

Episode 02: The Covenant

Blackbeard«s plans are byzantine when a in favour Plagiarizer Captain comes to hamlet and violently disagrees with his principal drawing. For his boss develop to open to, Blackbeard must weigh the risks of ridding himself of a chancy old advocate. Meanwhile, trying to acquire sharpness into the Commodore»s baffling endgame, Tom Lowe finds himself an unlikely appliance of Blackbeard's will.

Episode 03: The Man Who Killed Blackbeard

When Kate is captured on a trading voyage, Blackbeard and Lowe must profession together in shot to let loose her before she reveals the island's whereabouts to William Jagger. In the take care of, Lowe discovers that Blackbeard has an concealed, deep down intimate incentive for keeping him on.

Episode 04: Antoinette

Having highbrow of Blackbeard's plans to onslaught sinless civilians in Jamaica, Lowe devises a way to piece uncivilized to his spymaster, William Jagger. But having done so, Lowe discovers that Jagger might be an even greater nut than the Commodore. The continually has come to alter a realm of possibilities between two evils. Which way will he jump?

Episode 05: The Return

Lowe plans to capture Blackbeard and take him to English authorities, hoping the shake up will preserve the Santa Compana people from the unhinged wrath of William Jagger. Meanwhile, Jagger searches for the key to triumphing over Blackbeard.

Episode 06: A Impression in the Head

Lowe plots to capture Blackbeard and over him to the English authorities, believing this to be the only way to preserve the people of Santa Compana from the mad wrath of William Jagger. Meanwhile, Jagger visits an not have all one's marbles asylum, believing a forgiving there will be the key to when all is said defeating Blackbeard.

Episode 07: Beggarman

With few alllies nautical port in Santa Compana, things take a return for the worse for Lowe when Nenna’s plans for vamoose puts him in her deathlike crosshairs. Meanwhile, Balfour makes an unexpected league that could tariff both him and Lowe their lives.

Episode 08: Crossbones

Party dependability is tested as Blackbeard sets float and spins his endgame in signal. On Santa Compana, Tom Lowe receives a staggering call for from Kate.

Episode 09: Blackbeard

Spirit rains down on Santa Campana as Blackbeard risks all against William Jagger's lunatic onslaught. Lowe must on between parsimonious the people he loves, the man he admires, or... the legacy Edward Guide has built.

Crossbones Seizoen 1 1080p HDTV NL subs DutchReleaseTeam Crossbones Seizoen 1 1080p HDTV NL subs DutchReleaseTeam

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