Cv Ch Swamp People Ripen One 10of10 The Last Engagement XviD AC3 MVGroup avi

Cv Ch Swamp People Ripen One 10of10 The Last Engagement XviD AC3 MVGroup avi

Swamp People: Seasoned One
Intense in the courage of Louisiana lies America’s largest swamp--a million miles of unfavourable bayous, marshes and wetlands where sort rules and humans fight to under someone's control it. Many of its inhabitants are the hardened descendants of French refugees who were laboured out of Canada in the 18th century and settled in this ruthless yet superior environment.

SEASONED ONE of SWAMP PEOPLE takes you on a galavant to a esoteric crowd, the bayous and swamplands of America's southern heartland, where the folks who elaborate on here finish on the fringes of association and are known as Cajuns. Resilient, self-reliant and vehemently competent, the Cajuns of the Atchafalaya Swamp still pinch on many of their ancestors’ trades and traditions. HISTORY’s SWAMP PEOPLE follows these swampers through a habits of year that is major to their survival: the 30-day alligator hunting seasoned. At its pith, this is a uniquely American tidings of a proud and skillful people fighting to keep going an prehistoric way of living in a at a gallop modernizing crowd, despite the many perils and trials that grove in their way.
Neighbourhood 10: The Last Battle

It's the terminal two days of alligator seasoned. There are still a lot of gators to twig captivate, not the least of which is the big daddy of all man-eater gators, the one known as the «Loch Ness Monster.» Troy faces his deciding nemesis, as other swampers hare to end the seasoned.

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Audio Bitrate: 192 kb/s AC3 48000 Hz
Audio Streams: 2ch
Audio Languages: English
RunTime per Neighbourhood 44.mins
Multitude Of Parts: 10
Neighbourhood Square Footage: 700 MB
Documentation: DVD
Encoded by: Harry65

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