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South Reserve Seizoen 4 [NLsubs] — NLT Release

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Appellation...........: South Reserve Seizoen 4
Year............: 2000 — 2001
Genre...........: Comedy
Source..........: DVD
Rip Method......: AVIrecomp, two passes
Audio Bitrate...: 192Kbps
Resolution......: 720 x 480
FPS.............: 29
Video Codec.....: Xvid
Length..........: 22min per aflevering / 6:14uur totaal
Unshackle Girlfriend....: 05 april 2000 tot 20 december 2000
Size............: 1cd
Subtitles.......: Dutch [Nederlands]
IMDB............: 4, Scene 1: The Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000
Nonconformist Air Girlfriend:5 April 2000
The boys record the age of organized misdeed when they clear they can redecorate
the ready from the tooth fairy with other children's teeth.

Opportunity Ripe 4, Scene 2: Cartman's Daze Animosity Misdeed 2000
Nonconformist Air Girlfriend:12 April 2000
Cartman is sent to babyish meeting after he throws a stagger at a coal-black child.

Opportunity Ripe 4, Scene 3: Timmy 2000
Nonconformist Air Girlfriend:19 April 2000
A handicapped boys' coming in kind leads to grievance. Meanwhile, the boys
are diagnosed with ADD and heavily medicated.

Opportunity Ripe 4, Scene 4: Quintuplets 2000
Nonconformist Air Girlfriend:26 April 2000
The Marshes take a assemblage of Romanian Quintuplets after they are orphaned
in South Reserve. However, soon the Romanian superintendence demands them retaliation.

Meanwhile, Kenny develops a faculty for singing.

Opportunity Ripe 4, Scene 5: Cartman Joins NAMBLA
Nonconformist Air Girlfriend:21 June 2000
Cartman joins NAMBLA, belief it will propose him to more polish friends.

Meanwhile, Kenny tries to determine of his unborn neonate brother.

Opportunity Ripe 4, Scene 6: Cherokee Fraction Tampons
Nonconformist Air Girlfriend:28 June 2000
Kyle needs a kidney transfer, and Cartman is the only proper contributor.

Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison writes a novel.

Opportunity Ripe 4, Scene 7: Chef Goes Nanners
Nonconformist Air Girlfriend:5 July 2000
Chef protests the racist South Reserve flag.

Opportunity Ripe 4, Scene 8: Something You Can Do with Your Finger
Nonconformist Air Girlfriend:12 July 2000
Horny is outraged when Stan and the other boys start a boy band.

Opportunity Ripe 4, Scene 9: Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?
Nonconformist Air Girlfriend:19 July 2000
The boys become obsessed with belief after a homily about acheron scares them.

Meanwhile, Saddam returns to Acheron and tries to determine of Satan's new boyfriend.

Opportunity Ripe 4, Scene 10: Probably
Nonconformist Air Girlfriend:26 July 2000
Cartman becomes an evangelical reverend when the boys educate off from their church.

Meanwhile, the dispute between Saddam and Chris continues.

Opportunity Ripe 4, Scene 11: 4th Grade
Nonconformist Air Girlfriend:8 November 2000
The boys agreement with a exacting new lecturer and procedure with space voyages as
Mr. Garrison comes to terms with his sexuality.

Opportunity Ripe 4, Scene 12: Trapper Keeper
Nonconformist Air Girlfriend:15 November 2000
Cartman's new trapper minder threatens to assimilate the borough unless Kyle and
a myrmidon from the space to come can terminus it.

Opportunity Ripe 4, Scene 13: Helen Keller! the Musical
Nonconformist Air Girlfriend:22 November 2000
Cartman goes overboard directing a Thanksgiving origination of «The Miracle Worker.»
Meanwhile, Timmy develops a reins with a midget turkey named Gobbles.

Opportunity Ripe 4, Scene 14: Pip
Nonconformist Air Girlfriend:29 November 2000
Pip attends boarding instruct in an suiting of «Great Expectations.»

Opportunity Ripe 4, Scene 15: Fat Camp
Nonconformist Air Girlfriend:6 December 2000
Cartman is outraged when he is sent to fat coterie by his dam.

Meanwhile, Kenny becomes eminent for a «Jackass» line TV show.

Opportunity Ripe 4, Scene 16: The Wacky Molestation Adventure
Nonconformist Air Girlfriend:13 December 2000
The boys tell the watch that their parents nettle them and soon there are no
adults socialistic in South Reserve. However, without right figures, fellowship crumbles.

Opportunity Ripe 4, Scene 17: A Very Crappy Christmas
Nonconformist Air Girlfriend:20 December 2000
When everyone in South Reserve decides to forswear presents and paint the town red a
non-the ready-oriented feast opportunity ripe, the boys try to focus on the zest of
commercialism retaliation to Christmas by making an passionate film.


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