BBC Seven Ages of Rattle 4of7 Never Say Die Torrential Overweight Metal XviD AC3 avi

BBC Seven Ages of Rattle 4of7 Never Say Die Torrential Overweight Metal XviD AC3 avi

A reliable identification series charting the materialization and re-materialization of dumfound music as a international crack, told through the musicians who have shaped this most immortal of genres. BBC 2 takes you on a voyage through the Seven Ages of Dumfound and explores the music that has been the soundtrack to our normal elegance and defined each propagation since the 1960«s. From the producers of furnish amiable series Dancing in the Street, Walk on By, Lost Highway and, most recently, Soul Deep, comes another identification boob tube curriculum vitae that will design the curriculum vitae of dumfound music from the suburb to the amphitheatre, from the crackly »45 to the MP3 download. Along the way, rock's greatest performers, singers, writers and producers tell us how dumfound emerged, grew, strengthened and gave share to each new propagation.

2007 sees dumfound music at its healthiest land since the 1970«s. Despite numerous predictions that »rock is dead', it has survived. Fans are attending more gigs and more festivals than ever before and the guitar is definitely lodged with someone as the weapon of pick. The UK alone has nurtured a full new crop of dumfound bands over the last 5 years, each one erection on the homogeneous understructure and birthright of the erstwhile, creating a vibrant and hopeful legacy for the following.

Seven Ages of Dumfound will, though the prism of a medial wrap-around artist or batch, review a key era in dumfound. From the UK tense blues increase, via the psychedelic dumfound of the unpunctually 60«s; from the 70»s bad paddywack and on to the begin the day of grunge and indie dumfound in the 1980's and beyond, this series tells curriculum vitae of each age through the music itself: breaking down key tracks, getting behind the songs and ideas and providing a collective ambiance for the advancement of the music. With contributions from some of the biggest names in dumfound, the series will set a new criterion in birthright music boob tube.

Features artists and bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who, Bob Dylan, The Kinks, The Yardbirds, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Stygian Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Watch, U2, Nirvana, Fertile Patch and R.E.M.

Teller Of Tales : Julian Rhind-Tutt
Series Creator : William Naylor
Series Collector : Michael Poole

A BBC/VH1 Leading co-manufacturing (2007)

Episode 4 : Never Say Die — Overcast Metal
The curriculum vitae of the longest surviving and certainly the loudest sort of dumfound, overcast metal. With no standard of disappearing, metal has been the most unsettled and misunderstood of all dumfound genres. Emerging at the behind end of the hippy from the rust swath of industrial England, overcast metal would go on to steady the most unwavering fan vulgar of all. With Stygian Sabbath as the unmistakable Godfathers, we comprehend their highs and lows, and, along the voyage, tournament Heartfelt Purple, Judas Cleric, Iron Maiden and Metallica.

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