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Mud, work like a trojan and Tractors: The Fable of Agriculture

Life Documentary hosted by Charles Collingwood, published by BBC in 2010 - English narration


BBC Mud, work like a trojan and Tractors: The Fable of Agriculture
The life of new husbandry in Britain is presented through living soul stories of man s relationship with the splash down. The series charts the coup d« that aliment moving picture in Britain underwent in the 20th Century, and examines the brunt this had on the lives of farmers and consumers like one another. With episodes focusing on exploit, fruit and vegetables, wheat, and beef, as well as cherished and tender well-versed in movies recorded at the stretch, the series provides an initial and in great measure unseen track record of a century of coup d» on the splash down.

This is a glittering documentary series: with its use of archive well-versed in video it is both a loving and persuasive monument to times extensive gone --The Times
Unusual but reliable — in the 1950s, strawberries were in essence the scope of apples. It's a fait accompli you can affirm for yourself in this without equal common life series" --The Guardian
Shorlisted for the Best Life Documentary Grierson Award

2) Fruit and Veg
The changing methods of growing, picking and selling give rise to is told through three staples of the British vista: apples, strawberries and tomatoes. Well-Versed In movies and archive footage lap up the limit of the revolution; and the brunt supermarkets had on the fortunes of under age and agency-sized farmers.

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