Swamp People Seasonable 2

Swamp People S02


Swamp People is an American reality/documentary boob tube series that was first programme on
Past on August 22, 2010. The put on follows the day-to-day activities for several Cajuns living
in the Atchafalaya River Basin swamp in Louisiana, USA who pursue American alligators for a living.

Extensively 12hr 24mn
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Each opportunity ripe, the series focuses on five teams of alligator hunters, with each occurrence broadly
featuring three or four teams, as they pursue gator, being subjected to the elements, and the viciousness
of the alligators. Some episodes also piece other aspects of the collective and sporting existence of the swamp,
including fishing and hunting for other animals, such as squirrel.

Swamp People
S02E01 - Gator Gauntlet
Original Air-ancient: 31, 2011

The gator hunters physiognomy a new opportunity ripe that will end up to be more challenging than the last. Troy returns with
his son Jacob. Joe and Tommy devise on locale new records, hoping that their «shake and bake» bait disrespectfulness
will report in more gators. Lower and Willie have more tags than ever before, and to convenience them, the are
going to need a bigger foxiness, but even that has its own set of problems. Also: Terral Evans is introduced,
while others pursue gators during the day, he catches gators astir at tenebriousness as a gator wrangler, risking existence
and limb with every take in with his denuded hands.

Swamp People
S02E02 - Huntress or Hunted?
Original Air-ancient: April 7, 2011

Only a few days into gator opportunity ripe, Troy and Jacob have over 300 tags formerly larboard over. With hopes of picking up the
clip, they paramount toward a new honey perforation, an parade-ground with exhibit of many gargantuan gators. R.J. and his son J. Paul
soon bump into uncover exhibit of a fell gator named «Dozer»...an alligator known to rip up the banks like a bulldozer.

Also: Joe and Tommy sustain their blistering clip as they set out to pursue...but when they have a gargantuan gator on
the graft, Tommys mistakes payment them big term.

Swamp People
S02E03 - Shooting Wild
Original Air-ancient: April 14, 2011

Troy and Jacob clash without their old sharpshooter Clint, frustrating the boys. R.J. and J. Paul sustain to
fire a sweep, intimidating to skulk Troys culminate as «King of the Swamp». R.J. decides to suggest the pursue three hours
away to an old honey perforation. To get there across rude ground in improbable corners of the swamp they will use a arcane
weapon: an airboat. Meanwhile, huntress Bruce Mitchell starts his own opportunity ripe, and he loves to pursue alone,
not counting his trusty dog, Tyler. Also: Lower and his gang are speeding along the bayou faster than ever, but
they would soon earn that more give a leg up means more hazard.

Swamp People
S02E04 - First Mates
Original Air-ancient: April 21, 2011

To get in arrears on trail after the departure of their sharpshooter, Clint, Troy enlists the help of a lady gator huntress
who is extensive with a gun, Liz Cavalier. Also: Bruce began the opportunity ripe solidly, racking up the gators and contents tags;
but then, his dog Tyler abruptly goes missing. Meanwhile, Joe gets increasingly frustrated when Tommys behavior
disrupted their thrust. Now, a beast gator is popping their lines, and the boys are unwavering to get him. As
the sun sets, Terral and Trapper Deputy Corey Pursue are on the sweep of a gargantuan gator thats been threatening the locals.

Swamp People
S02E05 - Hot Pursuit
Original Air-ancient: April 28, 2011

Troy is benefiting from his new helpmate, Liz, on her first day, Liz showed her skills, but Troys quarry is to take in
25 gators, and there are still a lot of gators to take in. Also: R.J. and J. Paul captured an exciting gator reckon on
so far but it all changes when R.J.s lines are the quarry of a poacher. Lower decides to send Willie out on his own,
as captain of his own foxiness, hoping that a tag combine suggest would net more gators; however, pleasing Lower wont be as
docile as it sounds. Meanwhile, Brothers Glenn and Mitchell Guist, born and raised on the bayou, are hunting and fishing,
with and a one and only way of getting profession done.


Swamp People
S02E06 - Arcane Waters
Original Air-ancient: May 5, 2011

After a rude start to the opportunity ripe, Troy is in arrears in the trough, and on clip to carry out his 320 tags, thanks to Liz; but
during a seizure, Liz is injured, putting Troys thrust in qualm. Also: loner Bruce hires a novice named Pinch,
a neighbouring kid who wants learn the foxiness from a crackerjack, to go him on a hunting quest, but when the kid makes a
goof-up that could payment Bruce his opportunity ripe, Bruce wishes he was still alone. Meanwhile, Joe and Tommy comes up against
a massy, forward man-eater gator. Then: when the Guist Brothers bread delivery is low, they settle on to pursue rabbit,
using only Glenns insight to bump into uncover the daring.

Swamp People
S02E07 - Dull Skies
Original Air-ancient: May 12, 2011

As a draconian lay siege to nears Southern Louisiana, the hunters attain for the worst. With his sharpshooter Liz still
recovering from an damage, Troy and Jacob make use of an old Cajun daring, a express bait to entice the gators despite
the lay siege to. Joe becomes incensed when Tommy chose to take a day off, while Joe believes that every day during gator
opportunity ripe is a vocation day, as lengthy as there are tags that need to be filled. But with a lay siege to brewing, Joe is unwavering
to run their lines in any meteorological conditions, and drags Tommy along with him. Meanwhile, Jay Paul dreamed about enchanting a
gargantuan gator in the lay siege to, a reverie that may soon become authenticity. But while the interval of the swampers paramount to their
lines, Lower and Willie are alluring theirs down, believing that fighting the lay siege to is not usefulness the fat or deed
as lengthy as they're on clip to tag out.

Swamp People
S02E08 - Rising Sons
Original Air-ancient: May 19, 2011

Liz, who was on the remedy following her damage, returns to Troys foxiness. As they both set out on the pursue together, they
got a tip from an older Creole gentleman that a beast gator, nicknamed «T-Rex», has killed a dog and is intimidating
locals. To take in him, Troy and Liz must arrest their own pirogue, a decrepit ungainly contrivance ill-ready to steer a
gargantuan gator. Meanwhile, after a ton of rookie mistakes on Nicks first day, Bruce puts Pinch to the check up on and challenges
Pinch to put on him what he has lettered. Also: Willie is captaining his own foxiness, but when Willie reaches his first graft
he realizes he has brought along the oldest shotgun in the arsenal. Willie must bump into uncover a way to bag gators and carry out his
tags before Lower ends his days as captain. Later that tenebriousness, Terral has the day off and sets out to take in catfish by
noodling, jumping into the swamp and grabbing the fish with his denuded hands.

Swamp People
S02E09 - Immersed Moon Fever
Original Air-ancient: May 26, 2011

Joe and Tommy are out at vocation at tenebriousness, scouting for a new honey perforation, but while they are looking for gators, they bump into uncover
another valuable side service perquisites, shrimp; they paramount off hoping to bag a boatload before sunrise. Also that tenebriousness, Terral,
his woman Dana and their friends search of the fabled beast of the Honey Isle Swamp. R.J. and Jay Paul search for a
poacher that is filching their gators, but their tenebriousness devise to bump into uncover the thieves comes to a halt when the locomotive
dies and the duo waits for saving in the arcane. Then: Willie goes nighttime meander hunting to attain more fat at tenebriousness
while hunting for gator by day. Meanwhile, frogging under the immersed moon is a Landry blood custom: Troy, Jacob and
Troys dad Mr. Duffy paramount out in search of tomorrows dinner. Later that tenebriousness, the Guist Brothers, who know the swamps
as well as anyone, build themselves getting turned around in the arcane.

Swamp People
S02E10 - It's Personal
Original Air-ancient: June 9, 2011

Liz offers some of her own hunting ideas to Troy; Willie heads out to pursue solo; R.J. and Jay Pauls lines come under
vilification by a monstrous man-eater gator; a gargantuan hog encroaches on Terrals estate.


Swamp People
S02E11 - Surpass The Clock
Original Air-ancient: June 16, 2011

Tommy screws up again and oversleeps, forcing Joe to pursue by himself. Troy still has over 100 tags to carry out and tries to
use all hours of the day to carry out them. Bruce and Pinch are after a opprobrious gator, nicknamed «Lucifer», who dwells in an
parade-ground known in Cajun learning as The Devils Swamp. But the pursue becomes special when Bruces rigid dog, Tyler, falls overboard,
unrivalled Bruce to take in him before the gator does.

Swamp People
S02E12 - Rising Pressure
Original Air-ancient: June 23, 2011

With only eight days formerly larboard in the opportunity ripe, the old hot spots are heart fished out. To arrest in the daring, hunters gamble
into new grounds. Troy moves his lines every 3 to 4 days to a new parade-ground of the swamp. Lower and Willie are headed to a new
pond that is teeming with big gators, but the waters in this canal are too slight, unrivalled to Lower to take a hazard with his
foxiness and his locomotive. Meanwhile, tensions between Joe and Tommy escalate when Tommy didnt put on up for vocation yesterday, even more
so when they run their lines and bump into uncover that they are all empty; Joe believes had Tommy been at vocation, they would have already
run these lines and moved to more populated waters. Then: Glenn and Mitchell are in the spirit for squirrel for supper, so they
paramount into the swamp to pursue squirrels.

Swamp People
S02E13 - Board Divided
Original Air-ancient: June 30, 2011

After more than twenty years working together, Joe and Tommy have indisputable to constituent ways, and split the formerly larboard over tags amongst
themselves. To carry out Tommys shoes, Joe hires an up and coming huntress named Timmy. Meanwhile, Tommy decides to sign on his old angel
Steve. While Joe and Timmy sustain profession as stereotypical like it was a profession, the spirit is a lot looser for Tommy and Steve, until
they bump into uncover out that gator hunting is serious profession that needs to be treated seriously. And with only days formerly larboard in the opportunity ripe,
both teams need to thrive in commandment to tag out on term. Also: after spending most of the opportunity ripe fishing apart to carry out their tags,
Lower and Willie are reunited on the same foxiness, for extensive by virtue of: Willie spotted a beast gator on the bayou, nicknamed «Moby»,
which could be the biggest gator anyone has bagged this opportunity ripe. Then: when R.J. and Jay Paul paramount to a favorite honey perforation, they
spot they are not alone, shun opportunity ripe has begun, and this parade-ground is the shun hunters own honey perforation.

Swamp People
S02E14 - Two Captains, One Family
Original Air-ancient: July 7, 2011

After starting the opportunity ripe with more tags than anyone, Troys at the of the daring, and on clip to tag out by seasons end, but the
countryside at his favorite honey perforation has changed drastically and not hold up under lilies are now clogging the whole parade-ground, unrivalled to Troy to
bump into uncover an alternate devise. Across the bayou, Joes hunting with his new helper, a gat marksman named Timmy, and so far, the combine is
working well. Then: Tommy is again captaining his own foxiness, trying to carry out Joes tags and end up he is an elite huntress. But soon,
locomotive troubles browbeat to derail the day and Tommys residency as captain could be in jeopardy. Meanwhile: Glenn and Mitchell are
again squirrel-hunting, to get the eats needed for their dads Illustrious Squirrel and Dumplings.

Swamp People
S02E15 — 2 Days To Tag Out
Original Air-ancient: July 14, 2011

In the hop to it to the deliver, Troy is on clip to tag out , until locomotive problems abruptly sty the pursue, forcing Troy to report
to the medicate for repairs. Also: as Lower and Willie paramount to new hunting grounds, theyre reassuring thrust will sustain to be on their
side, but when it is term to bag a being, Lower realizes he has forgotten the guns. Meanwhile: Bruce and Pinch are down to a nuisance
of tags with the deliver graft in glom, but suffered a setback when they bump into uncover that a gator on one of the lines they pulled up was
mutilated by a man-eater. Then: R.J. and Jay Paul have an hopeful devise to deliver on term: using two boats, fishing 150 lines over
more province, but to tag out by seasons end, they will need to take in a boatload in a run. Meanwhile: Joe and Tommy inundate the hatchet,
reuniting for the irrevocable give someone the cold shoulder of the opportunity ripe, with Tommy having a better awareness at the berth.


Swamp People
S02E16 - Swamp Showdown
Original Air-ancient: July 21, 2011

Its the irrevocable day of the opportunity ripe, and hunters are in a run to carry out their formerly larboard over tags before term runs out. As Troy and Lower paramount
to run lines for the irrevocable term, the bayou is buzzing of sightings of a beast gator in the area; both men set their sights on the being,
to win bragging rights in a bayou moment of decision. Also: Joe and Tommy are sympathy a different kidney of tension, when thunder-shower soaks their delivery
of bullets, and theyre too far out in the bayou to paramount in arrears to the medicate for more, forcing themselves to attain every instantaneously reckon on with no
side for solecism. Then: R.J. and Jay Paul are on clip to tag out to deliver by day's end, with unclouded skies and glossy not hold up under at the.

Swamp People
S02E17 - Swampsgiving Special
Original Air-ancient: November 17, 2011

Gator opportunity ripe has come and gone, but down in the swamp, existence goes on for the esteemed Swamp People. In this express break-themed occurrence,
SWAMPSGIVING, the assorted traditions bordering the Thanksgiving break in the Atchafalaya River basin, and the ways in which all of
these born hunters and fishers go about procuring their fish and fowl for the big go too far. This Thanksgiving occurrence follows the bread from
swamp to index, with all of the theatre, hijinks and jollity that America has come to assume from Swamp People, as well as a hale and hearty prescribe
of heartwarming Cajun blood know-how and devotion of a rip-roaring extensive term.

The put on features swamp favorites Troy Landry and his son, Jacob, R.J. and Jay Paul Molinere, Bruce Mitchell, and the reckless and wooly Guist
Brothers. All have a different come close to to Thanksgiving, and a different devise for putting the biggest course on the index. But unelaborated to the can-do
smartness of the swamp, none of these plans involves a globe-trot to the grocery put by. Troy and Jacob have a longstanding Thanksgiving custom that
couldnt be more American, a reckless turkey pursue. Meanwhile, the Molinere blood always celebrates their Original American roots with a break go too far
made up entirely of recipes passed down by their ancestors in the Houma nation. This means that rather than hunting turkey, R.J. and Jay Paul are
on the roam for a homicidal feral hog.

The Guists are going on a squirrel-pursue, although, with symbolic Guistiness, they dont have much of a devise in forget, which will probably
crack a transform of the menu and a substitute dish thrown together with chaotically improvised creativity. Definitely, Bruce Mitchell is trolling
the swamp for a massy being, but this term of year, its not gator he is after. He is trying to take in Gar, the largest untried not hold up under fish in
America. In extension to the early looking fish, Bruce is going frogging to globelike out the break menu with his illustrious fried frog legs.

Here«s what»s on the menu:
TROY: (and his mama Slip Up On Teresa) Reckless turkey Oyster and chicken liver stuffing
GUISTS: Guist Gumbo with Rabbit sausage Snapping turtle disrespectfulness piquante
RJ AND JPAUL: Roasted feral pig Bell scatter stuffing
BRUCE MITCHELL: Smoked garfish Fried frog legs


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