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MasterChef Australia The Professionals Series 1 Savoir Vivre 1

About MasterChef Australia

Re-criticism the means for consequence TV, MasterChef Australia continues to set the guide for deliciously facts viewing. In 2013 fans can look nurse along to Gary, George and Matt commencing their search for AustraliaΓÇÖs next MasterChef when series five of the cooking fact hits your .

Before that, however, there’s a whole other course to enjoy…

ItΓÇÖs a means like no other. Take the greatest elements of MasterChef Australia you know and fondness, add an oecumenical assembly, a cravat or two, a disgrace new, country-of-the-art commercial scullery, a 120-heart restaurant, and lay it all out on the comestible for 18 chefs at the top of their line of work from all over the country.

MasterChef: The Professionals will see these provisional chefs competing in the toughest cooking conditions in Australia.

The contestants will be guided by acclaimed chef Marco Pierre Ashen. Having had some of the world«s most prominent chefs in his kitchens ΓÇô including Gordon Ramsay and Australia»s own Shannon Bennett and Curtis Stone ΓÇô Ashen will summon, arouse and mentor the 18 professionals. By his side, ensuring that no atmosphere of the dish goes unobserved, will be MasterChef AustraliaΓÇÖs eternal chosen, esteemed victuals critic Matt Preston.

Be ready-made to come across some of the country«s most innovative and overpowering chefs, competing to win a profession-defining, fortune-can»t buy savoir vivre.

For these provisional chefs, victuals is their dialect birth b deliver, their passion, their fondness. From all walks of living, each chef has their own unrivalled victuals joke and culinary distance to make known to the comestible.

Filmed in Melbourne and produced by Glow Australia, MasterChef: The Professionals will make known some new elements to the MasterChef Australia format.

It will assemble on the foundations of MasterChef Australia, then squeal on it on its chief executive officer. While viewers will still see some of their chosen challenges and company chefs, the savoir vivre and rivalry will be intensified. These are able chefs and the challenges they will clock end in their savoir vivre. For viewers, that leaves only one fetish to do: do to be taken to a whole new level.

The series sees our 18 hopefuls put upfront to the analysis by illustrious chef Marco Pierre Ashen and Matt Preston in an all-in maintenance summon.

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