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The Motorway: Soul in the Firm Lane

Technology, Trek Documentary hosted by Julian Barratt, published by BBC in 2014 - English narration


The Motorway: Soul in the Firm Lane
Millions of motorists rely on the M6 for journeys up and down the sticks. But many are unknowing of the capacious relationship of effort needed to keep the street publish and flowing. In this Documentary series we go along with the workers who keep the flowing on one of the busiest stretches of street in Britain, where the country's longest motorway, the M6, meets four other principal routes

1) Load of
The men and women working behind the scenes dissipate their lives serving travellers get from A to B as safely and as speedily as possible in an parade that often sees up to 8,000 vehicles an hour. Repairs to the street are one of the mere problems to master, and the fountain-head of various disputes with residents — as locals Jim and Alan let it be known. They be 20 metres from a common pull out of roadworks and are frequently subjected to considerable levels of tumult and flashing lights in the bull's-eye of the evensong. However, they are not the only ones having watchful nights, as protection inspectors effort modern development shifts on the through with a fine-tooth comb for awful-boatload truckers breaking street restrictions.

2) Keeping the on the Street
In this affair we go along with the teams preparing for one of the stormiest winters on sub rosa. Initially set up in declaration to a January 2003 snowstorm that nautical port drivers stranded in their cars for up to 18 hours, these teams have been preparing for snow and ice — but now deal themselves fa the stormiest winter in more than 40 years. It«s all hands on deck if the Highways Power is to put by its status be known. Meanwhile, winter refuse-picking patrols add to the 180,000 sacks of bullshit at ease on Britain»s motorways every year, and a private workforce underneath Spaghetti Union tries to reinvigorate the to its former glory.

3) The Need for Hustle
Highways Power employees rake 450 CCTV cameras for problems on the M6, while Steve Taylor travels along the motorway at a habitual 50mph on the concern for potentially threatening potholes. The slate also follows the effort of the Key Motorway Oversee Heap, accompanying PCs Smudge Crozier and Karl Davies as they answer to an event in which someone has died after jumping from a go onto the carriageway in the initial hours of a Saturday morning.

4) No Such Preoccupation As an Luck
Catthorpe is a principal interchange linking the M1 and A14 to the start of the M6, but now it's about to be redesigned at a get of more than £190million to beat it it safer and less blocked up. Overseeing the effort is construction director Smudge Sutton, who has to safeguard the town residents are favourable, as well as relocating a protected colony of accomplished crested newts. Elsewhere, the Highways Power and alimony teams survive with the aftermath of an overturned lorry that spilt a goods of exploit on to the carriageway.

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