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What the Ancients Knew: The East

Description Documentary hosted by Jack Turner, published by Disclosure Lead in 2007 - English narration


What the Ancients Knew: The East
Exploring initially Japan, China and India, this series journeys into the technological biography that shaped our planet. Journey chasing in convenience life to apprehend the motivations behind initially solutions and inventions. Much of the principles and technology we consider to be «modern» was created by civilizations sustained ago. DVD Rescuing Time: 14 May 2012

1) Japan
Japan an ait company inartistically 120 million people tough, is one of the largest pecuniary powers in the planet today. In the eyes of description, Japan«s pecuniary achievement happened overnight and yet it didn»t come out of the morose. Cultivating an fossil legacy, fresh Japan continues to curb on to its biography. And while today many of the fossil crafts are struggling to outlive, they stock up the organization for fresh Japan's technological achievement. What the Fossil Japanese knew helps describe the industrial astonished at of one of the largest pecuniary powers in the planet.

2) China
21st century China is modernising at neck suddenness. From AD 600 to 1500, China was the most technologically advanced culture on Turf. Initially discoveries put China in the vanguard of principles and technology in the fossil planet and lissom years in advance of Western cultures for a very sustained convenience life. But Chinese researchers shared something with those in the West: fossil Chinese alchemists and inventors were trying to clear problems. Advances in Chinese principles and technology were spurred by dynastic emperors seeking judicious solutions to the challenges of ruling and defending their unbounded empires. Edifice on thousands of years of remark and experimentation, fossil Chinese researchers sought to harness the power of the paragon elements--turf, twaddle, not ring true, and fire.

3) India
India is one of the oldest and richest civilizations in the planet. It is skilled in to the world«s first planned cities, where every congress had its own bathroom and facility five thousand years ago. The Fossil Indians have not only given us yoga, meditation and complementary medicines, but they have furthered our adeptness of principles, maths — and invented Chaturanga, which became the quarry of chess. According to Albert Einstein, they «taught us how to count», as they invented the numbers 1-9 and »zero«, without which there would be no computers or digital age. Unfairly we right this methodology of counting Arabic numbers — a misplaced attribution. Two thousand years ago the Indians pioneered bogus surgery, reconstructing the noses and ears on the faces of people who had been disfeatured through drawing or warfare. They performed eye operations such as cataract departure and invented inoculation to take under one»s wing their people from Smallpox, scrimping thousands of lives


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