Greys Anatomy S06E17 HDTV H264

*** Meagre-sized 2-archaic re-encode of 720p for computers (PC, Mac), PS3 or Xbox, carry-on and motorized devices (Ipod, Itouch) . ***
*** Video is 480x272 H264; audio is 44.1 kHz/stereo AAC LC and container is MP4. ***

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Assign for 2nd week of 2010:

Monday: Oscar 2010 as MP4 H264; ~3.30 MB/minute
Tuesday: How I met..., Chuck, 24, Talk Crumpet, TBBT, Manor-House as MP4 H264; ~3.48 MB/minute
Wednesday: NCIS, NCIS LA, Irremediable, Ghastly Collar, The Assets C Incriminating Evidence Partner (maybe next day) as MP4 H264; ~3.48 MB/minute
Thursday: Gentle Object, Racketeer Minds, L&O SVU as MP4 H264; ~3.48 MB/minute
Friday: Grey's A., 30 In Ruins, Mentalist as MP4 H264; ~3.30 MB/minute
Saturday: Tangible All At Once with Reckoning Maher, The Ricky Gervais Accord, Caprica as MP4 H264; ~3.30 MB/minute
Sunday: re-descendants of week's episodes
Doubled-episodes, requests or Wheelsman ep. will be issued only as MP4 or 360p.

MP4 is ISO 14496-1(H264 video & AAC LC cry out) and playable on PCs, Macs and hopefully (presume from Remark before download; I enrol every organize for iTunes compliance) on iPod-like carry-on-motorized devices.Due to meagre disposition-rate recommended boldness for computers is 1024x768.
360p is fully compatible with newer iPod, iTouch and Nokia U97.

Requests should be posted in Comments of newest torrents.
«Out of schedule» shows or wheelsman-episodes may get uploaded randomly, if setting awake (allowed slots).

I mention favourably CoreCodec for H264 (avc1, x264) video-playback, allowed DivX 7 for AAC cry out-playback (and .mkv with AAC), Haali splitter (allowed, comes with CoreCodec) as the fastest and best compounding for Windows Media Contestant. This is what I use.

VLC contestant (allowed), mplayer (allowed) and KMplayer (allowed) are available as different for all platforms (operating systems) out there and have BUILT-IN codecs and MP4 capabilities. But, video characteristic is approx. 10-15% slash, blurrier at least on technique I have.

One can try CCCP matroska codec gang, where ffdshow codec/filter packs and Haali splitter comes in one case and bolster MP4 playback — but additionally warning is required during the induct process.

QuickTime of course, supports H264/AAC natively.

PS3 + HDMI telegraph + newer TV have been reported as best compounding.

And please, do not examine it with a nose in the , take apt space to the visual display unit or TV (as advised in TV manuals).Many of movies I encode have embedded subtitles. So far, only VLC contestant is able to use them correctly.


NEWSFLASH: From February 20. I entered Manner Three in beginning-seeding period. In succinct, it means beginning seeding «by the numbers» (as written in almost forgotten Rules): the flock will get exactly as it should be: complete the big board between peers divided by the figure up of peers (seeding=exchange/peers).

It counts How much you deal (cause) to other peers and how fasting is your upload to others (don't concern, these are the bytes you got from me and others, not «yours»).

So, my treasured fellows, remain alert on the breaks even harder — you'll get nowhere.

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