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Master to Sea Birds

Cosmos Documentary hosted by Chris Packham and Martin Hughes Games and Michaela Strachan, published by BBC broadcasted as partake of of BBC Springwatch series in 2012 - English narration


Master to Sea Birds
The Springwatch collaborate — Martin Hughes-Games, Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan — with best patron Iolo Williams, have a party the wonderful spontaneous information of our seabirds. Seabirds are a never-to-be-forgotten company of animals. Each species has its own astounding biology and fascinating detective story. Did you know that in its lifetime, the migratory Arctic Tern will have travelled as far as the Moon and second three times? And that the Northern Gannet can bar into the bottled water at speeds of over 60 miles per hour? For nine months of the year these wonderful birds alight out at sea, out-of-the-way to us in the inexhaustible wilderness of the world's oceans but for three best months in the summer, they come to the British Isles to cause in mammoth numbers — a staggering 8 million seabirds of 25 different species. It is one of the greatest wildlife gatherings on Globe and it happens right here on our doorstep.

This is our maybe to really get to know these imaginary birds of the sea. The Springwatch collaborate has travelled to the far corners of the UK to feature you the very best of our British seabirds and tell their wonderful tales. Martin Hughes-Games is in Orkney, the seabird paramount of the UK; Iolo Williams is on Skomer Archipelago — the largest and most prominent seabird good upbringing colony in southern Britain and qualified in to 6,000 pairs of Atlantic Puffins; Chris Packham is in Bristol Museum where he investigates the wonderful way our seabirds are built for a sustenance of extremes; and Michaela Strachan is in the burg of Bath, where some of our seabirds have moved away from their ritual good upbringing grounds by the sea


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