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The Numbers Game

Proficiency Documentary hosted by Jake Porway, published by Popular Geographic in 2013 - English narration


The Numbers Game
Affluence. Sex. Federation. Mortality. In each chapter, materials scientist Jake Porway tackles one of life«s most daunting topics revealing the surprising proficiency behind them. From weigh-bending stats, merry man on the energy experiments, and interactive line of work engage in, this exposition delivers the answers to life»s mysteries and gives you the tools to help take accuse of your fortune and vacillate turn into your living forever.

1) When Will You Die
Scientists now believe that your genetic makeup accounts for only about 25 percent of your imminent living expectancy and that means 75 percent of the cessation of your living is up to you! Throng Jake Porway helps you feature out when you«re going to die — or, at least, catch out more about your living expectancy! See how the mitt you»re dealt at extraction can change how desire you can persist and what you can do to vacillate turn into your odds. Want to know how? You'll just have to engage in The Numbers Line Of Work to catch out.

2) Will You Make Amends Move Aside a Million
What would you do for a million dollars? Catch out the stats that change your odds for getting in clover. Materials scientist and throng Jake Porway explores how you can develop your bank account through interesting experiments, piercing irritable facts and sincere-living scenarios. Think that default, procrastination and napping will a standstill you from becoming a millionaire? Think again. We'll be reduced you the numbers and clues to your odds of making a million.

3) What Drives You Off One's Rocker
From your co-workers to jangling sounds to the sickening guy texting in his car in the lead of you, we all have our listing of what drives us mad. The creation around us may be off one«s rocker, but do we have to be? Clamp your seatbelts as throng, and materials scientist Jake Porway explores the proficiency and numbers behind stresses, unexciting annoyances and pet peeves that can energy us off one»s rocker. We'll help you see how to present the signs of whether you are losing it and be reduced clues, word and the answers on how to deal.


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