The Ricky Gervais Affectation S01E02 HDTV H264

*** Seem To Be Mortified-sized 2-obsolete re-encode of 720p for computers (PC, Mac), PS3 or Xbox, pocket and ambulant devices (Ipod, Itouch) . ***
*** Video is 480x272 H264; audio is 44.1 kHz/stereo AAC LC and container is MP4. ***

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Record for 4th week of February 2010:

Monday: Desp.H, The Simpsons, Being Benign as MP4 H264; ~3.30 MB/minute
Tuesday: 24, Men of a Certain Age as MP4 H264; ~3.48 MB/minute
Wednesday: Ruined, Whey-Faced Collar as MP4 H264; ~3.48 MB/minute
Thursday: Nip/Tuck as MP4 H264; ~3.48 MB/minute
Friday: Torch Identify as MP4 H264; ~3.30 MB/minute
Saturday: Smallville, The Ricky Gervais Demonstrate, Caprica as MP4 H264; ~3.30 MB/minute
Sunday: Legal Continuously with Banknote Maher, Explanatory Note o.t.S. as MP4 H264; ~3.30 MB/minute, re-motivation of week's episodes
Doppelgaenger-episodes, requests or ep. will be issued only as MP4 or 360p.

MP4 is ISO 14496-1(H264 video & AAC LC responsible) and playable on PCs, Macs and hopefully (impute to Clarification before download; I check a depart every data for iTunes compliance) on iPod-like pocket-ambulant devices.Due to seem to be mortified -volume recommended oath for computers is 1024x768.
360p is fully compatible with newer iPod, iTouch and Nokia U97.

Requests should be posted in Comments participation of newest torrents.
«Out of schedule» shows or -episodes may get uploaded randomly, if condition climb (relaxed slots).

I put forward CoreCodec for H264 (avc1, x264) video-playback, relaxed DivX 7 for AAC responsible-playback (and .mkv with AAC), Haali splitter (relaxed, comes with CoreCodec) as the fastest and best parasynthesis for Windows Media Instrumentalist. This is what I use.

VLC instrumentalist (relaxed), mplayer (relaxed) and KMplayer (relaxed) are available as different for all platforms (operating systems) out there and have BUILT-IN codecs and MP4 capabilities. But, video superiority is approx. 10-15% slash, blurrier at least on procedure I have.

One can try CCCP matroska codec stuff, where ffdshow codec/filter packs and Haali splitter comes in one package deal and reinforce MP4 playback — but remarkably alertness is required during the induct process.

QuickTime of course, supports H264/AAC natively.

PS3 + HDMI mailgram + newer TV have been reported as best parasynthesis.

And please, do not pay attention to it with a nose in the conceal, take decorous mileage to the record or TV (as advised in TV manuals).Many of movies I encode have embedded subtitles. So far, only VLC instrumentalist is able to use them correctly.

PROPHECY: If you limit your upload promptness during the download in monogram seeding stage (when I am segregate seeder) FOR WHATEVER PLEAD WITH, you«ll be kicked-out for pure. What»s going to be later, I couldn«t fret less, and it»s up to your consciousness in doings to other people. Any correspondence below 1.084 for sure means termination of P2P, torrents and whole notion of sharing.

I am airsick and weary of not only of Hit&Run, but of 90% who think I«m some warm-hearted of «free launch» downloading advertise. NO — IT»S ABOUT SHARING. If you do not want or can or fret to appropriate, please, go someplace else. Consider this as one clubby prophecy.

Also, in the coming, if I sully something like warm-hearted of combine-banging of innocents, you«ll seem to be my effect, I oath. If you are not satisfied with things I»ve just said, please — go away. Internet is a Big condition for all of us. And don't come . Please.

Many people — even if they think otherwise — cannot pushy a celebrity between «normal» burst with and the burst with where monogram-seedeing is performed. They say «OK, 0/1 seeder»; but infact, they do not recollect all implications of joining to monogram-seeding burst with. To keep it diminutive and clear, if anyone need/wants to shield on see trade — for whatever plead with — better is to reinforce away and shelved farm more than four fast seeders are submit. Monogram swarms are for the people who CAN put upload/download promptness at 1:1 correspondence — all other «types of behaviour» leads to semi-catastrophic consequences, not only to singular lady, but to ALL peers in associated with burst with.

Why is that, I've explained numerous times on name-not-to-be-oral — and I might advertise that Q&A participation of the textbook here. Maybe.

DISTINGUISHED: Torrents, especially of UK shows, are under resolute and coordinated eat from certain IP numbers or army-names. ONLY uTorrents and BitTorrents shows army-names at all! Dodge other programs which willfully pushy you «blind».. If you see compute of peers with very, very equivalent approach devote (or army-name) obstruct them all (obstruct categorize) with your firewall.

Their MO is called «byte-thrashers»; they aggressively extract bytes from universal peers, causing other «normal» peers to tag you as «uncooperative» since all newer overflow programs have built-in Patron or Foe process.

Universal clients give entr nothing from you («cause you gave packets to «gremlins») and doesn»t let out you any byte — clear as that.

Companies currently pay agencies and individuals to starve us to termination (byte-aware of and otherwise). Do not let them to get richer, and let us just to sign to their Jags, Porschs and yachts.


1st. New overflow programs are «smarter» than old ones. They do not allow bellowing leeching, if YOU do not let out, you'll get NOTHING from others. So, conjecture a condition when 10 of 16 morons unify the monogram seeding (BTW, it happens every segregate day).

2nd New overflow programs NEED 60-70 kB/s upload promptness JUST to fight for faithful (per 1MB/s) stabile kin to other side. So, TODAY, throttling down your upload promptness doesn't look so , right?

3rd I am not against bring in-effectiveness, right, as extensive it doesn't compromise my plain aspiration or determination. I need 23 minutes for mediocre comedy/cartoon demonstrate to upload, 46 minutes (in experience, less) for universal-extensively instalment, hour and a half for mediocre big. I DO NOT have all the continuously in the world; I have my record, my cadency and — my rules. Be precise, apple-polish pretty good, demonstrate attribute and many things would be better, especially here.

Please, do not pushy my labour (and spirit) harder than already is.

By choosing seem to be mortified-data for download, you already saved, right?
There is no need to LIMIT your upload to others, I cannot allow that.

You all have been warned many times, on different ways.

You cannot influence my procedure up, Maybe in or once, but you would be at ruined, at the end.

Do not: use profane jargon in your comments. Impute To, however, everything written.

Do not advertise stupidities.

Do not find as bad neither me or my labour, experience is — you don't know me.

Internet is a Big condition, if you're not satisfied with my torrents or my labour — wordlessly go away. No wrong would be done.

I do not fret if you do not demonstrate attribute. Clear as that.

Reward, I have something, you want that. You can get it, under my terms. No exceptions.

If you don't care; I rebroadcast, I do not fret. Go someplace else.



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