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Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Experience, Art Documentary hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, published by FOX in 2014 - English narration


More than three decades after the appear of Carl Sagan«s terrain-breaking and iconic series, «Cosmos: A Bodily Voyage,» it»s values bright and early once again to set sweep for the stars.

1) Stratum Up in the Milky Way
Hotelman and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson sets off on the Truck of the Fancy to come Earth«s Cosmic Lecture and its coordinates in arrange and values bright and early. Viewers link up Resumption Italy»s Giordano Bruno, who had an epiphany about the illimitable sweep of the province. Then, Tyson walks across the Cosmic Date-Book, on which all of values bright and early has been compressed into a year-at-a-glint date-book, from the Big Bang to the interest humans first convey their hint on the planet.

2) Some of the Things that Molecules Do
Hotelman Neil deGrasse Tyson is on a voyage to review the relatedness of all livings things and the possible advance of spark of life in the cosmos. Go on a overseas to come how faked pick turned the wolf into canine breeds and how typical pick sculpted the complex defenceless eye. Later, Tyson visits the fantastic Corridor of Extinction, a token to all the cracked branches on the tree of spark of life. Retrace the whodunit of spark of life on Sod and the unbroken sequence that stretches from the first one-celled organisms to defenceless spark of life.

3) When Discernment Conquered Forebodings
Neil deGrasse Tyson sets off on the Truck of the Fancy to hunt a one comet through its million-year submersion toward Sol. Later, Tyson visits the nativity-grade of Sir Isaac Newton and retraces the unlikely brotherhood between Newton and accomplished polymath Edmond Halley. It was Halley's indefatigability and generosity which allowed Newton to win his forebodings of isolation and ascertain the gallantry to let something be known his masterwork, «Principia Mathematica» which launched a well-ordered revolution.

4) A Sky Engrossed of Ghosts
Explores how appear, values bright and early and importance affects our notion of the province. Including how the exertion of Isaac Newton, William Herschel, Michael Faraday, and James Clerk Maxwell contributed to fix on the complexion of electromagnetic waves and gravitational dragoon, and how this exertion led towards Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity, that the hurry of appear is a essential unalterable of the province and importance can be seen as distortion of the cloth of arrange-values bright and early.

5) Hiding in the Appear
The Truck of the Fancy travels secretly in values bright and early to air 11th century Europe and North Africa during the rosy age of Islam, when accomplished physicist Ibn al-Haytham discovered the well-ordered method and first agreed how we see, and how appear travels. Later, William Herschel discovers the infrared and the signature concealed in the appear of every big draw, at last unlocking one of the keys to the cosmos.

6) Deeper, Deeper, Deeper Still
The Truck of the Fancy ventures on an epic voyage to the rump of a dewdrop to review the province on the smallest proportion and adhere to belly spark of life forms disguised to the unvarnished eye. Then, hotelman Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the neural network in our brains which decide our gist of bouquet and recall, and later, he travels rapt under the covering of the Sod to come the most occult shred we know

7) The Tidy Dwelling
To decide the grade age of the Sod, geochemist Clair Patterson developed the uranium-premiere danseuse dating method to convey an unprecedented revelation — canny Earth«s age of 4.5 billion years. But Patterson»s groundbreaking discoveries were just commencement. Patterson made it his undertaking to drawing power visible concentration to the hurtful effects of premiere danseuse in the circumstances and dedicated his pursuit to fighting against the petroleum and chemical trade, at last achieving visible health's biggest supremacy of the 20th century.

8) Sisters of the Sun
Explores the crazed cosmic miracle of supernovas, which on normal take grade once per galaxy per century or one billion times per year in the recognizable province.

Tyson goes on to represent the exertion of Edward Charles Pickering to seizure the spectra of multiple stars simultaneously, and the exertion of the Harvard Computers or «Pickering«s Harem», a side of women researchers under Pickering»s mentorship, to catalog the spectra. This side included Annie Gain Cannon, who developed the big draw classification practice, and Henrietta Swan Leavitt, who has discovered the means to procedure the footage from a big draw to the sod by its spectra, later used to pigeon-hole other galaxies in the province.

9) The Unchaste Worlds of Planet Sod
The Truck of the Fancy embarks on a overseas through arrange and values bright and early to get the drift how the autobiography of the Sod is written in its atoms, its oceans, its continents and all living things. Later, American geologist Marie Tharp creates the first grade map of Earth's the drink d thrash, and discovers microscopic spark of life that exists rapt under the the drink d.

10) The Tense Boy
Trek to 19th century England and link up Michael Faraday, a little one of indigence who grew up to dream up the motor and the generator. His ideas about verve and revelation of arresting fields changed the exceptional and paved the way for values bright and early to come scientists to convey goliath strides in the exceptional of weighty technology and instantaneous communication.

11) The Immortals
This event covers how spark of life may have developed on Sod and the plausibility of spark of life on other planets. Tyson begins by explaining how the defenceless increase of longhand systems enabled the conveyance of dope through generations, describing how Princess Enheduanna ca. 2280 BCE would be one of the first to turn over her name to her works, and how Gilgamesh unruffled stories, including that of Utnapishtim documenting a first-rate d comparable to the whodunit of Noah's Ark.

The Truck of the Fancy travels across the cosmos to come the plausibility of beings that flaming forever and legitimatize why other civilizations lose one's life. Then, stay the Cosmic Date-Book of the Values Bright And Early To Come and look what lies in advance with a confident vision.

12) The Exceptional Set Complimentary
Degrasse discusses our nearest neighboring planet Venus and its ambience, and explores the complexion of the greenhouse efficacy (discovered by Joseph Fourier and Svante Arrhenius), and the validation demonstrating the presence of broad warming from humanity's influence.

13) Unafraid of the Joyless
About this flow: of the two Voyager probes sent for interstellar trek. Tyson ends the series by emphasizing Sagan's communiqu on the defenceless adapt in the vastness of the cosmos & to boost viewers to extend to review and come the undiscovered.


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