Stargate SG-1 - Condition 07 - Episodes 12 thru 22

Stargate SG — 1 - Time 07 - Episodes 12 thru 22

Stargate SG — 1 - Condition 07 - Episodes 12 thru 22

Developing: Partially 2 S7, Ep12
9 Jan. 2004 Developing: Partially 2
The Tau«ri and Tok»ra have used their captured wonderful-soldier to discern out his planet of commencement. Though with Daniel, Dr. Lee, and the Old logotype they organize in the hands of Honduran kidnappers, SGC must discern a way to come go with them if they are to have any conceivably of defeating the newly encountered wonderful- soldiers.

Graciousness S7, Ep13
16 Jan. 2004 Grace
During an locomotive relaxed down gap from hyperspace junket the pair of the Prometheus, with Prime Carter as an advisor, joust with a lay out deceit of unexplored configuration. They approve the get out to no avail; the unexplored deceit opens ardency upon the Prometheus. Carter attempts to override the safe keeping protocols on the hyperdrive to certify a sparse into a gas cloud, but in the essay is knocked instinctive. She awakes to discern the get out devoid of all its pair and, as she tries to vamoose the gas cloud by herself, she begins to hallucinate.

Fallout S7, Ep14
23 Jan. 2004 Fallout
Jonas Quinn returns to SGC to ask for help in economization his polity. He explains that the Naquadriah was from day one Naquadah and a Goa«uld started a set counteraction to permute all of his planet»s Naquadah into Naquadriah. A tidy stratum of Naquadah has just been hurt and the Kelownan scientists believe that the transmogrification will cause this tidy a bank to go through, bewitching their continuous polity with it.

Chimera S7, Ep15
30 Jan. 2004 Chimera
Maj. Carter has been set up with her sibling Mark«s backer Pete Shanahan, a cop from Denver who thinks Carter works for the Air Prize in a uncomplicated examine genius. Daniel Jackson is being visited in his dreams by his former lover, Sarah Gardner, who was obsessed by the Goa»uld organized whole aristocrat Osiris.

Decease Knell S7, Ep16
6 Feb. 2004 Decease Knell
At the new Alpha plat, Sam Carter and Selmak (the symbiote carried by Jacob Carter, her framer) are working on a new weapon to thwart the Anubis superdrones when the planet is attacked by a convoy of Goa'uld ships. Carter escapes with the model weapon before the undignified auto-destruct is activated but finds herself being pursued by a superdrone.

Heroes: Partially 1 S7, Ep17
13 Feb. 2004 Heroes: Partially 1
The president has asked a documentarian to SGC to devise a sheet about its operations. His new chum is displeasing to most and he begins to hostile encounter with the undignified personnel. Nevertheless, he conducts his interviews with SG — 1 and the scientists in the enlist of SGC. Meanwhile, an off-the world at large SG pair finds the remains of an Old conurbation.

Heroes: Partially 2 S7, Ep18
20 Feb. 2004 Heroes: Partially 2
The documentarian still a vexation in their side, SGC encounters an unanticipated mess. With half of SG — 13 off-the world at large pleasant opponent Jaffa, SG teams 1, 5, and 7 go in as backup. In the halfway point of complex ardency, O'Neill takes a sceptre thoroughly to the strongbox. Many deaths from the joust with hit SGC agonizingly and Senator Kinsey orders a well-shaped enquiry into the matter.

Resurrection S7, Ep19
27 Feb. 2004 Resurrection
Vehicle Barrett of the NID calls SG — 1 to Los Angeles for a consult on a abundance murdering of a rogue sleeper chamber by a uninitiated chambermaid. There they discern many Goa«uld artifacts relating to Sekhmet, a subordinate of Ra. But how this counter-spy is common to the Goa»uld eludes SG — 1.

Inauguration S7, Ep20
5 Mar. 2004 Inauguration
The newly inaugurated President of the Collaborative States is briefed by the Conclusion of the Intersection Chiefs of Sceptre on the Stargate program. Former Senator, now Iniquity President, Kinsey attempts to get his management lady to go his policies for the program, but the president decides to look into the mess himself. Kinsey gets Richard Woolsey to win over the president of his agenda.

Confounded Conurbation: Partially 1 S7, Ep21
12 Mar. 2004 Confounded Conurbation: Partially 1
Iniquity President Kinsey briefs Dr. Weir on the Stargate program before her conference with the president. SG teams 1, 3, and 5 go off-the world at large to essay the concentrate of a newly organize Old repository logotype. Upon arriving at the tracking down of the logotype, SG — 1 comes under ardency from Goa'uld ships. With no other way to disallow Anubis from claiming the erudition for himself, Jack submits himself to the iffy logotype.

Confounded Conurbation: Partially 2 S7, Ep22
19 Mar. 2004 Confounded Conurbation: Partially 2
With Jack having the erudition of the Old repository once again in his persuasion, he and Daniel essay to discover the tracking down of the confounded conurbation of the Ancients. Bra«tac, bringing with him the rumour of an nearing seizure on the Tau»ri by Anubis, takes Teal'c to help him gain ships and warriors for the defense of Soil. Dr. Weir attempts to against with the mind-boggling stripe of her new job, while also dealing with the unrelenting ego of Iniquity President Kinsey.

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