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Trashopolis: Period One

Record Documentary hosted by Jesse Snider, published by Smithsonian in 2010 - English narration


Below the streets of every important broad big apple lies a subfuscous and crabby cryptic. It's the secret ingredient that has transformed aboriginal outposts into wondrous metropolitan areas, forcing mankind into elemental urban and architectural directions, propelling advances in skill and upon-starting revolutions. From the supercilious skyscrapers of New York Big Apple to the dank catacombs of Paris, the glorious ruins of Rome, the arcane sewers of London and the bustling markets of Cairo, upon us as we investigate how these peerless cities fought against the tides of corpses, sensitive wipe out and pissed sweepings to increase above the rubbish.

4) Rome
Roman Emperors demonstrate the power and the aureole of the Empire in their monuments, temples, fountains and aqueducts. Demons slink below the communal toilets. Slaves found the greatest sewer in the excellent. The Visigoths outburst the walls and a millennium of darkness and give up decimates the natives from one million to less than fifty thousand. The Roman Comprehensive Church regains the aureole of antiquated Rome by rebuilding the aqueducts, restoring the fountains, and momentary new gobbledegook laws.

A zealous Pope «cleanses» the Jewish natives, exiling thousands to a ghetto within the big apple walls — and restricting their occupations to gobbledegook collecting. Mussolini lusts for immortality — and attempts to associate his precept with the antiquated Emperors by championing behemoth communal works, and using a horse labor. Current day sanitation experts unearth Rome«s oldest landfill. Rome»s ruins strive for margin with transportation circles and sybaritism hotels, and a new character of visual gobbledegook begins to blurred the aureole and beauty.


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