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Unsafe Sex in the City

Trim-Medical Documentary hosted by Kieran O Brian, published by BBC in 2012 - English narration


Unsafe Sex in the City
BBC«s fly on the protection documentary about Manchester»s careless maid was both compelling viewing and foul. As they say, you can«t configure line like this, and it»s certainly not a demonstration you«d want to attend with your dinner. It»s estimated that there are over 22,000 people living in the UK with HIV, and many, many more with various forms of STIs. Over 6000 new STIs are being diagnosed every week and are on the spread. Kervin, a 22 year odd care protection, didn«t use a condom on a one tenebriousness sympathize with, got a bad of Gonorrhea (over 20,000 have it in the UK) and now has to resolve it to both his brief shag and his prolonged appellation girlfriend. How do you tell her that you»ve been unfaithful and given her the clap?

1) Ingredient 1
At the Manchester Heart for Earthy Trim, the workforce treats 22-year-old Kervin, who has some issues to lecture after a one tenebriousness sympathize with leaves him with more than just a grin on his look. 17-year-old Courtney shocks her mum with horrid confessions of unprotected encounters in the preserve, while ladies man Joe discovers if putting it about has landed him in it.

2) Ingredient 2
20-year-old gay porn act Lloyd has a insincere of bad advice from the clinic, 31-year-old Heidi is terrified that a meet of chlamydia as a minor has nautical port her infecund, and housemates Martin and Marissa can't tally who should disseminate the can for an outbreak of scabies.

3) Ingredient 3
John comes into the clinic hoping he won«t be diagnosed with chlamydia for an astonishing fourth convenience existence, clinic workforce take care of earthy trim trouble for the inmates of topmost care detain HMP Manchester and, after a drunken one tenebriousness sympathize with, 26-year-old schoolgirl Ben tries to prevail upon his girlfriend to pinch a sex ban by proving he»s still STI-free.

4) Ingredient 4
Twenty-year-old Gary finds out the impervious way that it«s not just STIs condoms are designed to curb. Pre-op transsexual Jasmine hopes her turbulent-chance sexploits don»t jeopardise her existence-changing operation.


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