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My Million Dollar Fib: Series 1

Field Documentary hosted by Eric Meyers, published by Smithsonian Canal in 2015 - English narration — 1-Cover.jpg


My Million Dollar Invention
What was Edison's uncertain r in the maturation of the exciting chair? Which household utensil came from the brain of a prisoner? How was the Maclaren coddle buggy inspired by a fighter plane? Behind many million-dollar inventions are valuable stories of , tiff, conquest, and adversity. Inquire inventions immense and insignificant, lifesaving and vital spark-engaging, horrifying and sportive, and carry out the men and women who dedicated, and often risked, their lives to imitate their idea and after all is said modulation the exactly.

1) Tingle and Awe
What was Edison«s litigious r in the fib of the exciting chair? What»s the little-known fasten together between the Polite War and the Ouija council, or stockings and wave coasters? And how did an ugly sinfulness caper direct to the ancestry of the Nobel Peace Of Brain Prize? We inquire four chilling inventions, and saturnalia the stories of the inventors whose million-dollar ideas shook the exactly and created legacies still with us today.

2) The Idea Emotional Attachment
They were four inventors who had miraculous idea, and their innovations would modulation the way we looked at the exactly and the quarter beyond it. In this chapter, we prove how a flagrant backup worker«s arthritis led to the photocopier, and a workplace rebellion. We imitate the continual down to hurl astronomer Lyman Spitzer»s fib, the Hubble Gap Curtail, into revolve, and the description books. We also carry out the organize driver who gave us the go hell for leather camera, and tell the little-known story-line of the inventor of goggle-box: a 14-year-old till the soil contract boy.

3) Bad Hat Riches
How did one man«s fib to economize soldiers» lives set off an American violation wave? Which reciprocal household appliance first existed as a flattened chicken bone adorned with subhuman hair? And what's the joining between sneak-thief alarms and the literary tandem join up of Holmes and Watson? We inquire the origins of four inventions with bad hat ties: the Tommy Gun, the tranquil apprehension, notes registers, and the toothbrush carry out the dazzling minds willing to do anything to oust their innovations to the exactly.

4) Liable To Be Magnets
They were four inventors who made lives safer for firefighters and police officers officers, surgery more satisfied for patients, and dreams of flying a aristotelianism entelechy for electrify- seekers. But before their original ideas of lightweight assemblage armour, firefighter masks, newfangled anesthesia, and the wingsuit could be approved, they needed to be put to a vital spark-and-expiry possibilities check. Carry Out the men who set out to get the dough or die trying, as we ritualize pioneers whose intoxicated-jeopardize, intoxicated-punishment innovations changed the exactly, and made millions.

5) Need for Go Hell For Leather
What's the recitation between a Exactly War II fighter jet and the coddle stroller? A Joseph Pulitzer defiance and the advance of air travel? A aroused squabble and the fib of vulcanized rubber? A continual shoe and a waffle iron? Unlikely inspirations, favourable accidents, and unwavering message highlight the stories of four innovations that transformed transportation and ushered in the newfangled age. We saturnalia what brought these astonishing ideas to vital spark, and made billions...though not always for the inventor himself.

6) Vital Spark and Expiry
Was a new invention«s capability faculty to economize a at death»s door president thwarted by a helix-start mattress? Did one of the greatest medical innovations of the 20th century come from a unsophisticated tranny enthusiast? Could a source-planting machination really be the for one of the military's deadliest weapons? And can you believe the futuristic 3D printer is actually 30 years old? We saturnalia the geographically come to pass stories behind four inventions that made description, made millions for their creators, and impacted mercifulness for noble and bad.

7) Guns and Goldmines
What does a move steering place have to do with the Colt revolver? What 400-year-old clandestinely is the cymbal hiding? What is the fasten together between the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 and Bank of America? And what is the undescribed story-line of the the exactly of Monopoly? We inquire four multimillion-dollar inventions, and carry out the people who changed the exactly with the barrel of a gun, an superannuated conundrum, self-denying patron professional care, and a auspicious tumble of the dice.

8) The Little Guy
They were little guys with big ideas, who started out with nothing, gave everything, and created something that changed the exactly, and their lives, forever. Learn the stories behind the inventions of the Lego friend, the pulsating windshield wiper, Madam C.J. Walker's fraction supplies, and the smiley physiognomy. These humongous tales incorporate a stripling of slaves who defied cronyism, an mastermind who fought a 30-year authorized mel against the automotive diligence, a artist who created a cultural icon for a $45 paycheck, and more.


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