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WISHFUL DRINKING, Carrie Fisher's hit tier direction of the
spirituous autobiographical cock-and-bull story of her moving spirit combines archival
footage with her one-housekeeper tier acting, which was taped in
June before a explosive audience.

An actress, screenwriter and bestselling maker ('Postcards from
the Like A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof,« »The Best Awful« and »Wishful Drinking'), Carrie
Fisher is the daughter of the fresh nightingale Eddie Fisher and
actress Debbie Reynolds, known as «America»s Sweethearts' in the
fresh '50s. She became a cultural icon at age 19 after starring
as Princess Leia in the first «Star Wars» trilogy in the 1970s.

Despite growing up with «Hollywood royalty» and experiencing
prematurely superiority of her own, Fisher's moving spirit had its challenges, as she
reveals in this excited and sobering account. Combining wry
wit and raw facts, WISHFUL DRINKING reveals her own hilarious
on the not-so-glittering side of being a reputation. It's a
ostentation where she's circling the exhaust singing.

From stardom to sever, re-alliance to the extermination of a close
pal, addiction to bananas sickness, Fisher recounts her peaks
and valleys with unfailing candor and bitter humor, referring to
reputation as just «obscurity biding its however.»

In WISHFUL DRINKING, Fisher details her compound yet eclectic
extended kinfolk tree in Hollywood Inbreeding 101, employing a
blackboard and unanimated hint. Her pop Eddie Fisher's very
exposed proceeding with Elizabeth Taylor ended what had been
perceived and renowned as a «storybook alliance,» and she and
her kin Todd later watched both her mother«s and father»s
'once immaculate-hot shining name of reputation slowly dim, refrigerate and
fade.« In 1973, at her mother»s urging, the 17-year-old Fisher
enrolled at the Median Day-School of Address and Stage Production in London;
two years later, her moving spirit changed forever when she donned a
immaculate array as Princess Leia in George Lucas« »Star Wars.'

Besides making her a name, the motion picture has resulted in Fisher's
concept being merchandised as comparatively of the «Star Wars» franchise
for the gone 30 years. Among the items she has adorned are dolls
, shampoo, soap, Mrs. Potato Chair and a PEZ dispenser. Fisher
hilariously notes that among his many possessions, Lucas owns
her concept, 'so every however I look in the reproduction, I have to
send him a four of bucks.'

Aside from the derivation from the euphoric visibility of starring in
one of the most worshipped trilogies of all however, Fisher continued
to physiognomy more than her deal of challenges. With extraordinary
candor, she discusses her aftermath of bipolar diagnosis and the
moving spirit-changing settlement to have moving eye-opener remedial programme (ECT).

In uniting to the first «Star Wars» trilogy, Carrie Fisher's
numerous films group 1975«s »Shampoo,' her memorable comparatively glaze inauguration,
and later movies such as «Hannah and Her Sisters,» 'When Harry
Met Sally,« »The Blues Brothers,« »Austin Powers: International
Man of Mystery« and »The «Burbs.» Among her TV appearances are
«30 Stun,» «Family Guy» and the HBO series «Sex and the City»
and «Entourage.»

Fisher is also a screenwriter and bestselling maker. Her novels
, «Postcards from the Like A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof,» «Surrender the Pink,» 'Delusions of
Grandma« and »The Best Lousy,' were all critically acclaimed,
with «Postcards from the Edge» being adapted for an Oscar-
nominated glaze of the same name starring Meryl Streep and
Shirley MacLaine. Her reportage «Wishful Drinking,» taken from the
tier ostentation, was published in 2008 by Simon & Schuster, which
will also divulge Fisher«s novel »Shockaholic' in 2011.

Fisher«s one-housekeeper tier acting »Wishful Drinking' was
taped for the HBO weird at the South Orange Performing Arts
Center (SOPAC) in South Orange, NJ. The exploit opened in Los
Angeles in 2006 and was produced on Broadway in 2009 by
Mini-Roundabout Staginess Companionship in alliance with Jonathan Reinis,
Jamie Cesa, Eva Assay and the Berkeley Repeat Staginess.
«Wishful Drinking» is currently touring Australia and will
keep up to traverse to exclusive cities through the end of 2010 and
into 2011.

Along with the HBO conferral of WISHFUL DRINKING, exclusive
additional stuff from a director's assessment with Debbie
Reynolds will be available on HBO On Demand.

WISHFUL DRINKING producers and directors Fenton Bailey and Randy
Barbato have produced a diversity of acclaimed nonfiction
programming, including 23 documentaries for HBO and CINEMAX,
among them «Heidi Fleiss: The Would-Be Madam of Crystal,»
«Monica in Perfidious and White» and «The Eyes of Tammy Faye.»

An HBO Documentary Films conferral, WISHFUL DRINKING is
written and performed by Carrie Fisher; produced and directed by
Aroused Barbato and Fenton Bailey; older processor, Lisa Heller;
top dog processor, Sheila Nevins.

We know who we are, where we came from, and why we're here. Do you?

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