BBC — A South American Passage (2011)

A South American Passage with Jonathan Dimbleby
Jonathan Dimbleby travels to South America to description on showy changes in one of the world's least accepted continents After his journeys across Russia and Africa, Jonathan Dimbleby turns his r to South America. Once embarrassing for drugs and dictators, the continent still faces daunting challenges but Dimbleby also finds vitality and optimism in this 21st century New Community.

Episode 1: Chile and Bolivia
He travels from south to north through a continent that is a uniform provenance of stage show and blow. In Chile, he discovers a state transformed since the demise of the despot Extended Pinochet, but still working to improve the scars formerly larboard by his supervise. He meets the editors of a spoofing publication called The Clinic in Santiago, before heading out into the pith of «old» South America to intimidate with Chile«s first female rodeo rider. Further north, he crosses the Atacama Comeuppance, the driest in the community, riding a copper retainers through the wilderness to the ghost township of Chacabuco. Here he meets Chilean versifier Jorge Monteleagre, who tells Dimbleby how under Pinochet the township was turned into a concentration group where he was detained. Dimbleby goes on to reach the Pacific The Briny where he finds fishermen harvesting seaweed which is exported to China. From Chile, Dimbleby heads for the choice of Bolivia, La Paz. Here he meets baby-labourers who have formed a selling bund. Plus two sisters from the once-persecuted Indian community who vie in wrestling matches to assert their federal accord train him in the intricacies of their warlike art. Great In Extent in the Andes he encounters farmers who farm the coca hide from which cocaine is derived but which is also the provenance of coca tea, Bolivia»s federal nautical davy jones's locker. And past comprehension in the Amazon rainforest he finds a memorable music retainers where they produce standard works brought to Bolivia three centuries ago by Jesuit priests from Europe.
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