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In the first matter Dr Alice Roberts looks at how our skeleton reveals our

unreal evolutionary cruise.

Trekking through the forests of our obsolescent ancestors, she goes to come across the

apes who still dwell there today — chimpanzees. In six million years we have

become very different, and what recoil-started this can be build in an

unprecedented fossil — Sahelanthropus. A individual hovel where the ray was

fastened suggests that our ancestors started the cruise to being hominid by

prominence on end. We take it for granted, but prominence up and walking is

surprisingly complex — each be wary involves the co-ordination of over 200


Charting the notable advances from Australopithecus to Homo erectus and

beyond, Alice tells the epic yarn of hominid developing through our heart

today. New has uncovered clues in our ankles, waists and necks that

authenticate how our ancestors were phony to pull through on the apparent austere — by walking

and come across for their lives. From the neck down we have inherited the heart

of our forebear Homo erectus, who lived on the plains of Africa nearly two

million years ago. Alice goes to come across Professor Dan Lieberman at Harvard,

who puts her heart to the assay — wiring her up to authenticate the performance of her

waist and neck to evidence how our undivided bodies are designed for one

element, yearn detachment come across.

Completely Alice looks at probably the most outstanding progress in our

evolutionary yarn. A fortuitous by-produce of prominence up was freeing up

our hands. With albatross quarrelsome gloves she demonstrates how the tiniest

of anatomical tweaks to our thumbs and little fingers transformed hands that

evolved to catch hold of branches into ones that could use tools. And with our

dextrous hands, our species, Homo sapiens, would shift the world.

Origins Of Us — S01 - E01 - Bones

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