The Duchess of Duke High Road (BBC - Salt 2 - Piece 3)

213: Lottie (3 December 1977)
While a few of the crook know of Lottie's origins, others have set their tongues wagging about just why this green girls seems to be staying at the Bentinck. Louisa wont put up with it and sets out to end the clishmaclaver. Mary meanwhile takes an partisan in her and invites her to tea with her acquaintance Brian, the violin punter. He instantaneously takes an partisan in Lottie and grates at the trusty deluge of orders from Mary. When he decides to demise London, he gets Lottie to tell a downhearted Mary of the reasons why. Louisa decides that the nevertheless has come to send Lottie to finishing middle school and bring about a lady of her.

214: Blossom Nevertheless (10 December 1977)
Lottie returns to the Bentinck from finishing middle school in Switzerland for a bit of a leave of absence and has her art instructor, Bachelorette Olive Bradford, in tow. Lottie has become quite the green lady, having highbrow the rules of tipsy haut monde and losing her Yorkshire emphasis. The Pre-Eminent takes quite an partisan in Bachelorette Bradford but Louisa warns him that she is an old housemaid who may be out to get her hooks into him. Lottie also finds a beau, hostelry company Howard Blenkiron who takes an partisan in her from their first conjunction. She may have made a goof however when she tells Howard of her parentage.

215: In Need Little Fat Dame (17 December 1977)
Louisa and Lottie are at loggerheads -- Louisa wants her daughter to be a decent lady, as befits the daughter of a Viscount. Lottie is reliant that she has the propensity and the looks to become a pre-eminent harmonious falling star of the London stage.

216: Ain't We Got Fun (24 December 1977)
Metamorphose is in the air at the hostelry and in the lives of its many residents. An American litt, Sophie Applegate, would like to pen a tome about Louisa«s existence, successes and failures. Louise isn»t all that smart on the speculation but later rises to the and opens up about her background. It«s not manifest that she»ll ever let the tome see the delicate of day however. Merriman wins ┬ú500 in a altercation and decides the nevertheless has come to join in combat in other pursuits, for a prove inadequate nevertheless, at any status. Mr. Starr and Mary have a stupefaction bulletin that sends Louisa reeling and forces her to reconsider some of her rules about crook comportment. Pre-Eminent Smith-Barton returns for a prove inadequate stay when his the missis visits the continent. He too has a proclamation for Louisa.

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