Nature's Most Fabulous Events S01E02 - Grizzly Wilderness


Part epitome:

The replacing of the Pacific salmon every year to the rivers from which they were born is one of the greatest fitting events on the planet.

More than half a billion salmon go up to 20,000 miles to replacing to the accurate improvise of gravel in the river from which they were born, to yield and die. Nature«s Most Fabulous Events go to the west coastline of Canada and Alaska to seizure the salmon»s replacing, along with the predators who eagerly await their productive prey.

In a TV first, the set folms the surfacing of a fuss over grizzly and her cubs from their dens drugged in the snowy Alaskan mountains. Using a gyrostabilized aerial camera scheme, they are able to pursue them down a near vertical bevel as they triumph their way to the closest where the unusual new informant individual first appears in the spring.

Using drugged race cameras and a exclusively designed digital underwater kit, the set is able to note how the salmon swim upstream against intense torrents. Filming at 100 times common race, they ventilate how the salmon are able to uncover over waterfalls twin to one jumping over a four testimony structure. ut despite their outstanding struggles, the salmon appearance a greater up river dozens of thirsty bears.

Dry-As-Dust proposal shots of the bears ventilate their hunting techniques, while the underwater cameras note another TV first to contrast c embarrass how they use their keenness and some phantom footwork to convene hardened salmon from the hinie of productive of pools.


Publicity Type.....: HDTV
Series...........: Natures Most Fabulous Events
Genre............: Documentary
Part..........: S01E02
Title............: Grizzly Wilderness
Television Code..: 102
Orig. Air Date...: 29 May 2009
Publicity Date.....: 29 May 2009
Source...........: 1080i HDTV
Video Format.....: XviD
Video Distinguishability.: 624x352
Video Bitrate....: 958 kbps
Video Framerate..: 24.975
Audio Format.....: MP3 VBR
Audio Bitrate....: 159 kbps average
Audio Bite : 48 KHz
Length...........: 43:09.149
Size.............: 367,992,440


About the series

Each year at far-fetched wilderness locations around the crowd, astonishing seasonal events take triumph a splash that ventilate the terrifying power and eminence of the planet«s productive of fitting discrepancy. The six-hour drugged outlining series NATURE»S MOST FABULOUS EVENTS, premiering on Ascertaining Narrows on May 29, 30 and 31 from 8-10PM ET/PT each incessantly, features touch-and-go events of variety triggered by seasonal variation and mammoth aura variation. The series reunites BBC and Ascertaining Narrows -- co-producers of PLANET BLUE PLANET, the most lauded fitting description series in small screen description.

Each part of NATURE«S MOST FABULOUS EVENTS focuses on a different fitting incident: the summer assuage of ice in the Arctic, the annual salmon run in Canada, the flooding of the Okavango Delta in Africa, the gigantic annual bloom of plankton in the northern Pacific, the hulking migration in East Africa»s Serengeti straightforward, and one of the greatest pelagic spectacles on the planet -- the sardine run in South Africa. Filmed in 2007 and 2008, the series spotlights the amazing transmogrification of these wildly different landscapes and the exhaustive stories and overdone interaction between the animals who take up them, including some of the most overdone wildlife confrontations and clashes ever recorded on film.

Episodes hype hibernal bears battling aura change; grizzly transport cubs emerging from winter dens to quest salmon alongside equally thirsty wolves; elephant herds struggling against drought and predators; one of the largest profusion feeding frenzies on the planet involving thousands of sharks, whales, dolphins, seals and huge flocks of birds; and many more compelling scenes from the fitting crowd.

To inundate viewers in never-before-seen details and perspectives, NATURE'S MOST FABULOUS EVENTS put to use innovative filming techniques and technologies utilized to acclaim for PLANET BLUE PLANET. Filmmakers employed together-shortcoming, ultra dry-as-dust-proposal, and macro photography, as well as newer technologies that allowed for filming under the toughest situations, such as ungentle seas and challenging flying conditions. But the series also depended upon the television set being in the right triumph a splash at the right together -- often, teams lived in extraordinarily far-fetched areas for up to two months, only waiting for the utter shot.


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