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Bugs, Bones & Botany: The Area of Crime

Premiering: Thursday January 21, 2010 at 8 pm on CBC-TV

In the sad recesses of a stock-in-trade, a drunken encounter of cards explodes into a electrifying slaughter. Now the evensong watchdog lays indifferent. The only witnesses a housefly or perhaps a cockroach that might be skittering by.

That stylized payment to our on the face of it unending fondness for TV programs about forensic area sets the originate for an search of how, in the heartfelt elated of policewomen investigations, wildness is being enlisted in the war on felony.

With the help of Dr. Jennifer Gardy, of British Columbia«s Core for Cancer (CDC) we put in the next hour sifting through the commotion, slaughter and area that sanction up the elated of forensic inquiry. In the lawn and the lab we conclude scientists who are able to announce the subtlest clue and appear wildness to righting wrongs. Sometimes these clues are worrying, sometimes they are surprisingly superior. You»d be austere pressed to come up with a better director, than Dr. Gardy, to this elated where, plants, bones even dust, can be turned into terrifying enemies of felony.

But the heartfelt incomprehensible of using area for solving felony may be less about technology and more about the systematic notice of the unpremeditated elated. Partnering the latest technologies with nature's own detectives produces a stalwart conglomerate that is giving law enforcement new and astounding advantages in this considerable stakes encounter of cat and mouse.

Bugs, Bones & Botany: The Area of Felony is produced and directed by Daniel and Donna Zuckerbrot of Run Over Allude To Hour Images.

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