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Trauma and Awe: The Report of Electricity

Expertise Documentary hosted by Professor Jim Al-Khalili, published by BBC in 2011 - English narration


Trauma and Awe: The Report of Electricity
Professor Jim Al-Khalili tells the electrifying report of our stalk to chieftain nature's most perplexing current — excitement. Until impartially recently, excitement was seen as a magical power, but it is now the lifeblood of the novel incredible and underpins every viewpoint of our technological advancements.

Without excitement, we would be departed. This series tells of stupefying leaps of vision and astounding experiments — a report of maverick geniuses who used excitement to berate our cities, to be in contact across the seas and through the air, to form novel enterprise and to run out assign us the digital revolution.

1) Happening 1: Inspirit
Happening one tells the report of the very first «natural philosophers» who started to unlock the mysteries of excitement. They wilful its meddlesome relation to individual, built weird and potent instruments to form it and even tamed lightning itself. It was these men who truly laid the foundations of the novel incredible. Excitement was without be uncertain a fantastical wonder. This is the report about what happened when the first official concerted essay was made to be aware electricity; how we well-informed to form and amass it, before in the long run creating something that enabled us to remedy it at will — the battery.

2) Happening 2: The Age of Contrivance
Just under 200 years ago scientists discovered something enigmatic, that excitement is connected to another of nature's most keystone forces — pull. In the second happening, Jim discovers how harnessing the relation between pull and excitement would categorically transmogrify the incredible, allowing us to remedy a falsely innumerable amount of stimulating power which we could utilise to travel machines, be in contact across continents and berate our homes. This is the report of how scientists and engineers unlocked the wildness of excitement in an astounding century of novelty and contrivance.

3) Happening 3: Revelations and Revolutions
Excitement is not just something that creates rouse and berate, it connects the incredible through networks and broadcasting. After centuries of man«s experiments with excitement, the concluding happening tells the report of how a new age of official treaty dawned — how we discovered stimulating fields and electromagnetic waves. Today we can hardly envisage individual without excitement — it defines our era. As our treaty of it has increased so has our confidence upon it, and today we»re on the edge of a new breakthrough, because if we can be aware the secretive of electrical superconductivity we could once again transmogrify the incredible.


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