BBC - Autism - Challenging Actions (2013) RMAC

BBC — Autism — Challenging Deportment (2013)

BBC — Autism — Challenging Actions (2013) RMAC

Documentary which explores the disputation around ABA (Applied Deportment Assay), an concentrated intervention used to take out autism. Parents who want ABA for their children passionately believe that it is the best way to educate a lad new skills and to help them use in mainstream people, but critics of ABA dispute that it is dehumanising and insulting to try to omit autistic deportment.

The pellicle follows three-year-old Jack and four-year-old Jeremiah through their first entitle at Treetops Junior High University in Essex — the only magnificence junior high university in the UK which offers a absorbed ABA order of the day. Neither boy has any speech, Jeremiah finds it skint to sign up with the happy around him and Jack has crude issues with subsistence. Both their parents have capital hopes of the «tough love» mainstay that Treetops offers, but will travail with their child's progress.

We also contest Gunnar Frederiksen, a huffy and charismatic ABA counsellor who works with families all over Europe. His upon of autism — that it is a equip that can be cured and that families must industry with their lad as intensively and as at the crack as possible if they want to take the lad «out of the condition» — is at odds with the way that many upon autism today.

Gunnar is working with three-year-old Tobias in Norway and has trained the parents so that they can industry with him at domestic as his ABA tutors. He also introduces us to Richard, a 16-year-old from Sweden who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three and whose parents were told that he would be unlikely ever to act for. Today, Richard is «indistinguishable from his peers» and plays badminton for the Swedish country-wide combine. In an excited locale, Richard and his relatives look finance at video recordings of the at the crack ABA treatment and we are confronted both by the harshness of the method and the outcome of the intervention.

These and other stories are intercut with the views and experiences from those who frustrate ABA and who dispute that at the concern of ABA is a plunge to arrange children with autism as orthodox as possible, rather than accepting and celebrating their disagreement. Lee, an autistic matriarch of a son who has Aspergers, describes how the plunge to arrange her bear oneself and act like a «normal» lad on one's beam-ends her, and how she was fixed to take her son for who he was.

The query of how far we take autistic disagreement and how much should we zip people with autism to fit into society's norms raises wider questions that change us all — how do we reach compliance in our children, how much should we watch children to in accordance with and how far should parents zip children to fit in with their own expectations?


BBC — Autism — Challenging Actions (2013) RMAC

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