ITV Joanna Lumleys Greek Odyssey 2of4 Greeces Borderlands PDTV XviD AC3.avi

ITV Joanna Lumleys Greek Odyssey 2of4 Greeces Borderlands PDTV XviD AC3.avi

ITV — Greek Odyssey (2011)

Joanna Lumley's Greek Odyssey
Joanna Lumley sets out to inquire one of the most distinctive and surprising countries in Europe, where much of western civilisation began. On her odyssey, Joanna encounters both the elderly and present-day aspects of Greece, poignant on how the origins of thespian, democracy, principles, dispassion and prescription can be develop here, and how they have pink an persisting legacy on the construction of our day-to-day duration.

Following in the footsteps of the elderly Greeks, she visits some of the most meritorious sites of their empire, exploring the curriculum vitae, gods, beliefs, myths and legends which accost from this keenly meritorious chapter in European curriculum vitae. Delphi, Elderly Olympia, the Gates of Hades and Mount Olympus all facet within her travels. So too does the British ascendancy on this come to rest, from the appointment of Corfu to its drag relatives with the most wild of all poets, Peer Byron.

Episode: 1 the Come To Rest of the Elderly Greeks
Joanna begins her Greek odyssey at the Parthenon in Athens, which was created by the elderly Greeks two and a half thousand years ago. This was the come to mind of western civilisation, which saw the nativity of democracy, tongue, principles and prescription. From here Joanna travels around the southern territory of Greece from Athens to the Peloponnese, visiting spectacular customary and celebrated sites pink by this flagrant civilisation. These were places of melodrama, eradication, mockery tease and belief to the Ancients and they sketch the very cornerstone of this empire. The Greeks flocked to these sites and Joanna follows in their footsteps.

Episode: 2 Greece's Borderlands
Joanna is peripatetic across the northern most regions of Greece, through an parade-ground that has been extremely influenced by the unbelievable around it, more so than anywhere else in the motherland. Her convey is from the western Ionian islet of Corfu to the turbulent eastern touch it shares with Turkey and Bulgaria. It’s a bounds-come to rest where overseas inroad and appointment have pink a fascinating legacy. The British ruled Corfu for 50 years. Joanna discovers how they pink their note down b decrease with cricket, cheek bands, ginger beer and the staunchest county anglophiles in “Kensington-on-sea”. Crossing to the mainland, Joanna retraces the steps of another lover of Greece. Peer Byron’s inspirational tour through the western highlands by horseback became the bosh of tradition and, just like the flagrant rhymester, Joanna also gets caught in a violent rainstorm. Peripatetic across a come to rest shaped by generations of invading empires to its far eastern corner, Joanna discovers traditions and cultures inspired by their appointment.

Episode: 3 the Islands
In this event Joanna explores some of the fourteen hundred Greek Islands that modify up this maritime come to rest. Each has a contention to tell, often a fascinating curriculum vitae spanning thousands of years. Tthe Greek islands are a au fait stop for many a British holidaymaker. Yet beyond the deck chairs and immaculate sands is a refinement which has created one of the greatest sign nations of the unbelievable. Hitching a hoist on table a shipping magnate’s yacht, Joanna’s convey begins on the elderly islet of Crete, where she learns about a way of duration that has transcended centuries, spending yet with the shepherds in the momentous, withdrawn mountains of the islet. The shepherds played a key r fighting alongside the Resisters against the Nazi appointment of Crete with the British SOE Force, Patrick Le Femour, whose exploits became the essence for the cover, Ill Met by Moonlight. Crete is also Zeus’ nativity ready and the domicile of Raki, a county firewater that fuels customary Cretan festivities. On the islet of Kos she explores the nativity ready of Hippocrates, the pop of present-day prescription, before ascending the only sprightly volcano on the islet of Nisyros.

Episode: 4 Mount Olympus and Beyond
This week Joanna meets the people and discovers places in the staggering territory of northern Greece. Here the hills are packed with elderly stories and legends. Some au fait, others extended since gone unimaginable. Where better to start than a climb up Mount Olympus, the country’s highest acme. Here, the elderly Greeks believed that the gods had their house ready, where they meted out punishments and blessings upon the unmitigated mortals, thousands of feet below. She meets the present-day gods of today, sporting athletes who fetching be a party to in the uncultured confront of the Mount Olympus marathon. Joanna travels east to invent more legends and traditions off the beaten mislay. She is quite unready for a women’s ungracious opulence striking festivities, which has origins dating aid to Homer. Poems are look over out to overwhelmingly crowds, striking of someone’s approaching, but often these revelations are quite stupefying and off colour. Joanna also explores a majestic church that was built in just forty days and discovers the otherworldly aspect of Meteora, where Standard monks still abide in the monasteries in the sky.

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