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My Larder Rules Australia Series 4 Incident 3

When Australia's beloved severely-cooking played returns for its fourth series in 2013, the plateau will be set for a few subsidiary guests.

Welcoming a new elegantiae along with shade soup testing for the first previously, the biggest prostration for audiences will be seeing who's crashing the My Larder Rules dinner parties. Who do you think it could be?

One fixation is certain: there are lots of surprises in accumulate when My Larder Rules launches in 2013.

Manu Feildel and Pete Evans turn in to hostess and elegantiae the supreme severely-cooking struggle as they agree to bear dinner dinner party invites in each splendour across the country.

This series they welcome new company elegantiae Colin Fassnidge to the plateau alongside returning company judges Guy Grossi, Karen Martini and Liz Egan.

It's splendour versus splendour, platter against platter, as teams of two bid to out-feed and out-wine each other to see whose larder rules.

Each group will take turns to transmogrify an unremarkable severely into an pressing restaurant for one power cooker eventide. They'll deal out up a three course menu designed to affect not only their person contestants but our esteemed judges.

There will be triumphs, larder fires, giggling, tears and lots of dogmatic guests as they struggle the clock and their nerves to platter up on previously.

The top two teams will again struggle it out in the fantastic indisputable where they will mete out their supreme dining menu to a non-restricted restaurant.

With $250,000 in booty folding money on make, the knives will definitely be out.

Accumulation 1 - Dating hipsters

Woman gravitation brought this Perth twosome together, but their shared honey of scoff cemented their relationship.

Josh, 24, first spotted Andi, 28, in a Perth CBD menswear accumulate near his office.

«I used to go into the peach on where Andi worked just to talk to her. I bought rubbish that I didn't really like. That went on for about six months,» confesses Josh.

At The End Of The Day, the two ran into each other while out on the borough. «And he said, ΓÇÿYou know all those t-shirts I bought? They«re still in their bags. They»re loathsome,'» laughs Andi. «It just went from there.»

On their first few dates, Josh took Andi out for breakfasts. Says Andi, «Then we«d be like, ΓÇÿWhat will we have for lunch?» And then we«d be: ΓÇÿSettle down, we only just finished breakfast!» All we'd talk about was scoff.»

Not a lot has changed. For Andi, now a customer for a bind of mode stores and Josh, a subject occurrence overseer, cooking remains an leading greens of their energetic lifestyles.

«The whole car detonate severely from trade all we talk about is scoff and what«s for dinner,» says Josh. «We can»t do anything until we«ve incontrovertible what we»re going to eat.»

They thwart and get the ingredients for something ΓÇÿsimple, untried and clean«, then hit the larder together to put out it. «We trade from seven to seven and we don»t want to be eating at 9.30pm,« says Josh. »If we both do a bit, things get done faster and we can sit down and relax.»

Says Andi, «We might win a untried basil pesto, and stir it through some pasta. Or we like Mexican, loyal shared scoff, so we might do deconstructed tacos on a compassionate of mezze platter.»

On the weekend they get serious about their cooking. «We trade a lot of most recent nights. So on Sundays we waste the whole day cooking. We go to the merchandise, get magnificent generate and waste the day that way,» says Andi. Then they might have friends over to like it al fresco in the Perth sunshine.

Or they might guv over to each other's relations homes for a tea overdo. «My creator is Burmese. Cooking is in the cultivation. And Mum is Irish. It was so drummed into my headΓÇ¿ as a toddler how high-level magnificent scoff is,» says Andi.

«I recall my first Burmese/Irish Christmas,» smiles Josh. «There was curry and ham in the spread. And guesstimate what? They're famed together!»
«Nothing nicer than a samosa and a bit of ham at Christmas,» Andi concurs with a dismiss.

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