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My Nautical Galley Rules Australia Series 4 Matter 1

When Australia's most-liked domestic-cooking exposition returns for its fourth series in 2013, the provisions will be set for a few in addition guests.

Welcoming a new think along with drop testing for the first even so, the biggest surprise for audiences will be seeing who's crashing the My Nautical Galley Rules dinner parties. Who do you think it could be?

One element is certain: there are stacks of surprises in preserve when My Nautical Galley Rules launches in 2013.

Manu Feildel and Pete Evans proffer to assemblage and think the last domestic-cooking struggle as they agree to bear dinner soir invites in each confirm across the country.

This series they welcome new roomer think Colin Fassnidge to the provisions alongside returning roomer judges Guy Grossi, Karen Martini and Liz Egan.

It's confirm versus confirm, illustration against illustration, as teams of two undertake to out-have a bite and out-wine each other to see whose nautical galley rules.

Each pair will take turns to turn into an expected domestic into an earnest restaurant for one adversity cooker round-the-clock. They'll of use up a three course menu designed to sway not only their companion contestants but our esteemed judges.

There will be triumphs, nautical galley fires, chortling, tears and stacks of overbearing guests as they struggle the clock and their nerves to illustration up on even so.

The top two teams will again struggle it out in the grandiose last where they will register their last dining menu to a built restaurant.

With $250,000 in windfall means on proposition, the knives will definitely be out.

Bring 1 - Kerrie and Craig — Minority sweethearts

For nearly 40 years, they«ve been the apple of each other»s eye. But Craig endured six years of unrequited liking before Kerrie completely noticed him.

Wish you, Craig was the well-ripened old age of eight when he cut for Kerrie — the new kid at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Junior High School, Sunbury — at first peek at. Craig saw her in the schoolyard, turned to his friends and said, «I'm going to put together that girl.»

It wasn't until six years later in the summer of 1975 that they started going out. But Craig, 52, and Kerrie, 53, have been together ever since. They got married in 1981 and have four kids, grey 29-23 and two grandkids.

Kerrie says she and Craig started cooking together as teens. «Our parents were substance and three veg, lots of lamb in those days, so we were inventive and would just borrow up stuff.»

«Once Kerrie got her sanction we started going to restaurants downtown and tasting new foods and getting wound up about it,» adds Craig, who recently left-wing his family's substance processing area to charge out of «a gap year».

That prejudicial in prog saw them determinate to have a people of stock eaters. «We had little kids from an first age. So we did cook a lot but we cooked intriguing things. And our kids are appreciative for that because they have stock palates. Not like we had. If we did go out, as little kids they were famed to take, because they tried everything.»

Now, every esteemed cause they go somewhere new and esteemed. And they voyage regularly, having luckily eaten their way across countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Turkey and Morocco. «We libretto the first round-the-clock and the first dismiss, nothing more,» says Craig. «We're not big planners.»

When it comes to cooking, however, Kerrie admits to being very organised.

«That«s the only way I can act in the nautical galley,» she says. «I»m the boss and Craig does what he«s told, rather much. Craig helps me train. I like everything prearranged and ΓÇ¿I normally have a continual directory. With dinner parties I employment it anticlockwise from when we»re going to sit down. We have lots of parties and I always have a continual layer. I organise my survival that way. I'm just organised.»
In oppose, Craig admits: «I«m just a nutcase in the nautical galley. I off things around the hit pay dirt. But I borrow a famed Sunday brunch while Kerrie stays in bed. That»s the day she's not allowed in the nautical galley.»

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