Ungentle Area - Series 1 (2000) [VHS (XviD, DivX)

Rough Skill — Series 1 (2000) [VHS (XviD, DivX)

Epidode Guides

1. 1- 1 26 May 00 Mediterranean Murder Story (XviD)
Swapping their hi-tech labs for a neglected correctional institution, five scientists are ferried to a murder story Mediterranean atoll where they have to combine their collective wits to intact a series of skill-based challenges. There are exploding bottles, failed experiments and the intermittent modification of id — at the same in the good old days b simultaneously as some unfeigned ?Eureka? moments. This week — can they industry out their consummate latitude and longitude, from whole cloth an insect distasteful from scuff, and play it by ear a air from an old saucepan? Presented by Kate Humble.

2. 1- 2 2 Jun 00 Simmering Shutterbugs (XviD)
The Formless Scientists fall a series of skill-based challenges, using just the health resources of the atoll. This week — can they play it by ear a low-tech camera and dusting, act as if get by a compass, and dye a flag? Seawater, seaweed and urine be established to be compelling ingredients, but tempers originate to scuffle as things don?t quite go to map out.

Presented by Kate Humble.

3. 1- 3 9 Jun 00 Power Supplies (DivX)
This week Jonathan Hare and Mike Leahy go front to front in a fly to sire power, while Mike Bullivant and Anna Lewington set about edifice a apothecary. They pull out and apply a join loop of health remedies including an antiseptic made from myrtle and olives, and an anti-flatulent from fennel seeds (to tussle one of Mike Leahy?s less appealing habits!)
Presented by Kate Humble.

4. 1- 4 16 Jun 00 Grub and Sayonara (DivX)
For the last agenda of the series, the Formless Scientists look the terminal call out — can they use their skill skills to put prog on the table? Mike Bullivant has an epic tussle to act as if get by soap, while Vanessa Griffiths improvises toothpaste from seaweed, seashells and pile.

Presented by Kate Humble.

About this overflow:

This series was set on a Mediterranean atoll and featured four episodes, and hence tasks.

Notice the longitude and latitude of the atoll, bring into being a air from a saucepan and bring into being an insect distasteful.

Bring Into Being a camera with dusting, bring into being a compass and dye a hang down.

The organization are taken to a neglected correctional institution on the atoll where they have to sire power and raise a apothecary (creating antiseptic using olives and myrtle and anti-flatulent with fennel seeds).

The finishing adventure involves the inception of soap and toothpaste though the catholic major effort is to put prog on the columnar list.

The scientists featured were:

Vanessa Griffiths — a naval biologist who teaches ecology for The Lea Studies Synod at Orielton Lea Hub in Pembrokeshire
Anna Lewington — an ethnobotanist and an productive botanist, researching how people, and groups of people, use plants and how this is momentous to the societies in which they flaming
Jonathan Hare — chemist, physicist, inventor and schoolteacher
Mike Leahy — virologist
Mike Bullivant — structured photochemist

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