The War That Made America - French and Indian War [PBS 2005]

The War That Made America — French and Indian War Commonplace Episode

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The War that Made America is a PBS miniseries (produced by WQED Pittsburgh) about the French and Indian War, which was first aired in two parts on January 18 & 25, 2006. The series features capacious reenactments of reliable events, with on-mask recitation provided by Canadian actor Graham Greene. Much of the tall tale focuses upon George Washington, connecting his r in the war with the later American Rebellion. Pontiac's Defiance, which followed the French and Indian War, is also covered in the series. The series was filmed in June, July, and August 2004 in and around the Western Pennsylvania province where many events actually took lodgings during the war.

The enrol that accompanies the series is The War that Made America: A Scarce Background of the French and Indian War (2005), by historian Fred Anderson.

Duty One — A Realm Between
As the Notice of Liberty is announce to the Continental Army on the eve of the Insurrectionary War, Across The Board George Washington reflects on his first military experiences more than twenty years before when he was a prepubescent public official, fighting for the British to snug the western territories of Pennsylvania and beyond for colonial expansion.

Washington was a important cut in the start of the French and Indian War in 1754, a struggle the pock-marked EnglandΓÇÖs goals for empire in the New Give Birth To against French interests. Caught between were the Indian nations. Their leaders, like the ΓÇ£Half Prince,ΓÇ¥ struggled to debate between the two European forces to shelter their own peopleΓÇÖs interests.

After a ruinous contest that leaves a French thoughtful ambassador unemotional and a resounding thrash in his first fullest extent-adjust encounter at Fort Needfulness, Washington becomes an gal friday to Across The Board Edward Braddock, who was sent from England with a solid value to put out the French and achieve steer of the key Forks of the Ohio. By level pegging measures toffee-nosed and na, Braddock is overwhelmingly defeated by French forces and their Indian allies and dies of his battlefield wounds. Britain becomes more strong-minded to win the war and sends thousands more troops, scenery the put on for the next usher in of the war.

Duty Two — Unlikely Allies
As the war unfolds and moves to upstate New York, relationships among the French, British, Indians and colonial settlers become increasingly stressful and the border grows more harmful. Indians see the war between the French and English as an break to regain steer of their purlieu. They enter on to censure settlements, captivating women like Mary Jemison confined as duty of their holy sackcloth usage for adrift warriors. While French and English officers are sick by Indians they conclude as barbarians, they are affected into uneasy alliances with them.

Provocative characters develop, like British across the board Andrew William Johnson, an Irish fur buyer who has an esn =«educationally subnormal» cleverness to tie the cultural split, and his mistress, the Mohawk Chief Hendrick. As the face lines balloon from North Carolina to Canada, it is far from sunny who the victors will be.

Duty Three — Turning the Tide
After three years of defeats, the tide turns and the British start to tighten the noose on the outnumbered French forces. Although British Noteworthy-Across The Board James Abercromby is defeated by the Marquis de Montcalm at Fort Ticonderoga, France is no longer supplying the resources for overcoming. The war is also captivating a frightful pealing on their allied Indian tribes, which are decimated by blight and have a yen.

The British communiqu Across The Board John Forbes to win out over Fort Duquesne at the Forks of the Ohio, where the French have been ineradicable since BraddockΓÇÖs thrash. Forbes strong-minded to incise a passage through the wilderness, protected by a series of forts. An Eastern Delaware chief named Teedyuscung proves accessory in securing overcoming for Forbes. Washington, at the center of power once again, is almost killed in a ΓÇ£friendly fireΓÇ¥ set-to, and wonders if Destiny spared him for a higher purpose.

Duty Four — Unintended Consequences
British troops shove north into Canada and lay lay siege to to the safe hilltop fort at Quebec. In a rash key maneuver, British Across The Board Wolfe orders his troops to adjust the cliffs at tenebriousness and the take censure defeats the French at last. Wolfe is mortally wounded, but Across The Board Jeffrey Amherst continues the British constrain on Canada. Decisively aided by the Iroquois, he brings the war, and French effect in Canada, to an end.

In the aftermath of overcoming, the British funds is drained and tensions between the colonies and the Britain escalate as Parliament imposes taxes on the colonies to help retrieve the costs of the dream of war. Struggling to steer a incalculable North American empire, they also atone a alliance with the Indian nations, which were attacking border settlements, to block further colonial encroachment. George Washington, now a civilian flowerpot and fellow of the Virginia Cat-House Free of Burgesses, chafes at these British actions along with many other Americans. They sense betrayed and disrespected as partners in the overcoming and trustworthy British subjects, and their cost-effective interests in the western territories are at share. With the Classify Act and the Tea tax, the at the same time arrives to rule liberty from the Surmount that they had been so willing to spend just twenty years before. Washington puts on his military outfit once more, this at the same time to outdo the Continental Army.

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