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Path 66

Tours Documentary hosted by Billy Connolly, published by ITV in 2011 - English narration


Billy Connolly fulfils a lifelong reverie of migratory the world's most renowned highway — Path 66.

The 2488 mile dream of means from Chicago to Santa Monica is the reification of the American reverie and, set to a soundtrack of some of the best American music of the 20th century, Billy will be bewitching in everything from the skyscrapers of Chicago and St Louis to the Fantastic West badlands of Oklahoma and Texas.

Astride his Profitability motor-trike, Billy will see the First-Class Coul, the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona, the beaches of the Pacific and the excesses of LA. Along the way he«ll liquidate encounter the disciples of Path 66, from established «roadies» to first-timers living the reverie. He»ll also learn about key figures and events that have shaped the amply different mores and trait of the US years and present.

Billy says: «How many other roads do you know that people intone about? It«s just one of those places you dream of to see. Ever since I was a wee boy in Glasgow I have fantasised about getting my kicks on Path 66. »This will be a story in tarmac of presidents and paupers, cowboys and Indians, diners and operate-thrus, framed in a prospect from 100 movies with a soundtrack of the greatest music in the out of sight — unnerve n bask in. We»re going to have lots of fun, liquidate encounter lots of people and see lots of things."

A BluRay, DVD and Licensed CD Soundtrack are available.

1) Chicago to St Louis
Billy begins his go abroad in Chicago, where he heads to the top of America«s tallest edifice, discovers one of Al Capone»s most legendary speakeasies and attends a certainty handling in the suburb where unnerve and bask in was born. Leaving the burg behind, Billy visits the harshly of Abraham Lincoln, meets Illinois's support pie-maker and encounters a 20-foot lofty roadside ogre. Definitively, he heads into Amish rural area, where he takes the reins for a horse-strained buggy ride.

2) St Louis to Oklahoma Burg
Billy continues his go abroad in St Louis, Missouri, by climbing the Gateway Designing — the highest man-made tablet in America. He lunches at a restaurant where the chef is a vitality music somebody, and visits a wolf shelter, where he feeds the threatened animals. Billy's absolute stage is in Oklahoma Burg, where he visits the souvenir to the 168 victims of the Oklahoma Burg bombing.

3) Oklahoma Burg to Tablet Valley
This mainly sees Billy in cowboy rural area as he joins ranch-hands on a steers operate to Oklahoma Burg. Over the frontier in Texas, he stops off at the ghost community of Glenrio. In Los Alamos, New Mexico, Billy meets two men who helped develop the atomic blow up. Driving off-path, he finds himself in Tablet Valley, a dedicated Navajo situate and a setting sociable from countless westerns.

4) Tablet Valley to Santa Monica
Billy marvels at a mountainous meteorite crater in Arizona before heading to the First-Class Coul, which he reaches by a steam household fuelled with discarded vegetable oil. He meets an 84-year-old barber, dubbed the «Godfather of Path 66», who tirelessly campaigns to keep the red-letter path spirited. Entering LA, Billy checks out some of the city's coolest lo-rider cars, then soars over the gridlocked freeways in a helicopter. Reaching the end of the means overlooking the Pacific The Briny at Santa Monica, Billy reflects on his lovely 3,000-mile go abroad.


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* Video Codec: x264 CABAC
* Video Bitrate: CRF 19 (5248Kbps standard in the main)
* Video Quality Relationship: 1.778:1
* Video Obligation: 1280x720
* Audio Codec: AAC-LC
* Audio Bitrate: 160 Kbps ABR 48KHz
* Audio Channels: 2
* Run-Spell: 45 mins
* Framerate: 25 FPS
* Bunch of Parts: 4
* Mainly Magnitude: 1.71 GB (standard in the main)
* Documentation: HDTV
* Encoded by: JungleBoy


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