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Deadly Journeys of the Apostles

Facts Documentary hosted by Thom Kikot, published by Subject Geographic in 2015 - English narration


Deadly Journeys of the Apostles
Explores beyond the Bible, edifice new biographies of the Apostles from 2,000 years of facts strewn across the planet, including the latest discoveries, controversies and insights. Can the Bible«s perplexing, often baffling and inconsistent stories of the Apostles, riddled with lofty stakes mysteries, and malevolence done be covenanted through current investigation? Unerring Journeys of the Apostles explores the fundamental hero»s journeys. New advance from verifiable records, archeology, Apocrypha (notable stories and review outside the Biblical Canon) and current study expands on the ancestral biblical accounts of the Apostles. This series explores inexperienced basis of the Apostles' wonderful travels.

1) From the Religious Get to Africa
In the aftermath of the world«s most famed crucifixion, Jesus» 12 Apostles are charged with delivering his bulletin to the four corners of the blue planet. Through religious writ, fabrication, tradition and folklore, these journeys to the north, south, east and west are reimagined. Tramp with Philip, Simon and Matthew as they go into south.

2) Jerusalem to the North
Though their stories cannot be develop in the Bible, legends put that Apostles Jude, John and James the Less embarked north, and their martyrdom enshrines them in facts. Ally us as we look at fabrication and folklore, exploring the extent of these fabled journeys.

3) Messengers to the West
The Bible«s laws of Acts recounts the Apostle Andrew»s phlegm at Pentecost, and Peter as the chairman of the nascent Christian sureness. But biblical accounts of their journeys arrest there. Go further with us as we tour venerable apocryphal texts and medieval legends, which put that James the Grand traveled to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

4) Travellers to the East
After Jesus' crucifixion, three Apostles — Bartholomew, Matthias and Thomas — presumably go into on risky missions to the east. Go Over their stories as we search through folklore to discover out about these wonderful journeys.


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