A&E The Undersea Everyone of Jacques Cousteau Whip-Round One 01

The Undersea Sphere of Jacques Cousteau — Gleaning One

Sort Documentary hosted by Rod Serling and Richard Johnson, published by A&E in 1991 - English narration


Between the years of 1966-1976, millions of viewers were held spellbound as audiences around the sphere would regularly pay attention to in to see what new aquatic wonders had been captured on videotape by Jacques Cousteau and the gang of his quit, Calypso, on their decade-desire speculation around the sphere. It was a truly pioneering listing that brought the veiled wonders of the world's oceans into their living rooms for the first every so often.

A create of seagoing biology as well as the technology elaborate in underwater review, Jacques Cousteau's travail is a colourful, revealing window onto a sphere that few of us will ever see first-connivingly. This full 36-in the main series follows the gang as they analyse vital spark in every corner of the globule: from sharks in the Red Sea to penguins in Antarctica, from coral reefs to hippos, octopus to sea otters. Attractive every so often to analyse the carnal behavior of a inappropriate spectrum of animals in their consequent territory, each new mixture of seagoing vital spark they competition is approached with the same passion, domain affair and pay homage to. A bully boy trade it may be, but whether they are swimming with whales or diving for drawn ideal, vital spark on lodge Calypso is never dull.

The creators of the first underwater sort documentaries ever filmed, Cousteau and his gang wrote the rules as they went along. If they saw a bodily struggling or trial in the ridiculous, they would be just as likely to horn in and for a connivingly as to chronicle the abusive realities of the consequent sphere. Extremely cordial of sort but never sticky, the gang of Calypso and their marvellous adventures carousal almost as much about the depths of beneficent compassion as they do the depths of our verdant oceans.

This turning-point consequent representation dub can now be viewed in its completeness, after the 2011 DVD releasing on U.K.

Directed by Philippe Cousteau ; Jack Watson
Produced by Philippe Cousteau ; Jack Kaufman
Head Honcho Producers : Jacques- Yves Cousteau ; Alan Landsburg ; Marshall Flaum
Narrated by Rod Serling ; Richard Johnson ; Jacques- Yves Cousteau
Series Cinematography by Michel Deloire ; Philippe Cousteau ; Yves Omer

1991 The Cousteau Croup, Inc.

1) Sharks
Captain Cousteau and his quit the Calypso come to see the Red Sea, the Indian Plethora and the Fjord of Aden in proclamation to analyse shark conduct and to analysis methods of protecting shipwreck and air victims from shark attacks.

2) Bestial Sphere of the Coral Jungle
The group travels to the coral reefs of the Indian Plethora, an arena teeming with subhuman and seed vital spark, and where numemous complex relationships between different species are played out on a common basis.

3) Search in the Domain
The holm ot Europa, in the Mozambique Path between Africa and Madagascar, is the prime politesse settle of the enigmatic sea turtle. The crew«s cameras understand the turtles» mating rituals, the females' over-embellished junket up the strand to lay their eggs, and the engagement for survival of the newly-hatched babies.

4) Whales
The Calypso manifold analyse finback, sperm and hit man whales, monitoring their migratory habits by planting inadequate tags in their fell. Captain Cousteau also recounts the fiction and motto of the renowned whales.

5) Unexpected Voyage of Pepito and Cristobal
Captain Cousteau and the gang of the Calypso on a set of two of fur seals off the Shawl of Sizeable Promise. During an Atlantic crossing the men start off to corroborate a relationship of make and friendliness with the mammals.

6) Drawn Ideal
The gang sets out on a ideal for to the Caribbean in search of the turn into scrap of La Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion, a Spanish quit that sank over 300 years ago carrying more than $2m in and gold.

7) Motto of Lake Titicaca
The manifold touring inland to Peru's Lake Titicaca, testing experiential techniques for diving at elaborate altitude for the first every so often. Domain in the lake they smoke a one of a kind species of frog whose lungs have atrophied like fish, they die when removed from the mineral not work.

8) The Walk Out On Whales
The gang of the Calypso studies the little-known California livid whale, as this once-near extinction species embarks on its 5,000-mile annual politesse migration. The group observes the carnal relationships between these creatures, including mating and the feeding of a indulge livid.

9) The Ceaselessly of the Squid
In the waters off southern California the Calypso happens upon the bestial, yet poignant, spawning perfunctory of the sea arrow squids of the Pacific. From their abnormal mating dancing party to the microscopic engagement for survival of the newly-hatched immature, the intact sequence is captured on videotape by the gang.

10) Profit of the Sea Elephants
Cousteau and his group analyse the vital spark and expiration of the sea elephant, a ginormous sea mammal which returns each year to the inadequate holm of Guadalupe for perfunctory confrontation, mating and politesse. In Fine, the manifold smoke the sea elephants' private boot hill, 25 fathoms below the waves.

11) Those Unimaginable Diving Machines
The representation of underwater review is traced from the days of Alexander the Renowned to the unfolding of the aqualung in 1942, the first bathyscaphe in 1948, the diving saucer in 1959, through to a new nimble of current domain sea submersibles.

12) The Mineral Not Work Planet
After more than 140,000 naval miles travelled aboard the Calypso, and having ball around two million feet of videotape, Cousteau shares his derogatory thoughts on the challenges they countenance filming the uncountable phenomena of the mineral not work planet.

13) Disaster of the Red Salmon
The Cousteau group follows the spawning migration of the red sockeye salmon from the unlatch sea to the Alaskan waters of their nativity, up the Salmon River to unlikely Fraser Lake.

14) Lagoon of Mislaid Ships
Truk lagoon in the South Pacific, the install of a brutal engagement during WWII, is now haven to around 50 drawn Japanese vessels. The manifold smoke an unexplored drawn freighter, rank with the skeletons of its desire-past gang.

15) The Dragons of Galapagos
The gang junket to the Galapagos Islands to analyse the seagoing iguana, a enigmatic dragon-like bodily that has reversed the course of progression and returned to the sea for edibles and survival.

16) Secrets of the Drawn Caves
The abnormal geological curiosity of «blue holes» is investigated by Captain Cousteau and his group, as they smoke an undersea «cathedral» one hundred feet below the surface.

17) The Unsinkable Sea Otter
In the North Aleutian Islands, Cousteau and his gang animadvert on the crude courtship and advance mating of the sea otter, before continuing to Monterey where the otter's endurance is being threatened by man-made hazards such as polluting and illegitimate hunting.

18) The Forgotten Mermaids
The gang travels to the cypress glades of East Florida to videotape the manatee, a vegetarian bodily of the sea whose closest living relevant is the elephant. Culture of the hot not work of «Sewer Sam», a manatee trapped in the sewers of Miami, the group attempts to help profit Sam to the river.


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