Pirates of Penzance - Vigorous in Primary Parkland (Kline, Ronstadt 1980

Pirates of Penzance — Physical in Medial Reserve (Kline, Ronstadt 1980)

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***NOTE*** — This is the Physical Medial Reserve construct of the grant, starring most of the same people who in due course starred in the 1983 coat customization. Clearly, the coat output business skimped a bit on the DVD conversion, but this what there is. This coat depicts one of the finest comedic mellifluous casts ever assembled, performing their guts out before a charmed pour. The 1983 coat construct has higher output values, but to see this done physical before a thrilled audience is quite a conduct towards for any fan of physical playhouse. For anyone who has never seen this, it is the most wonderfully cheesy crap ever written. Where else could one experience alliterative lines like «O Blushing Buds of Ever-Blooming Beauty»? or half-assed compliments like «Is there not one maiden here whose unaffected mug and bad complexion has caused all daydream to become extinct of ever delightful man's affection?»


The Pirates of Penzance; or, The Bondman of Onus, is a funny opera in two acts, with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert. The opera's licensed was at the Fifth Avenue Playhouse in New York Conurbation on 31 December 1879, where the grant was well-received by both audiences and critics. Its London launching was on 3 April 1880, at the Opera Comique, where it ran for a very eminent 363 performances, having already been playing successfully for over three months in New York.

The myth concerns Frederic, who, having completed his 21st year, is released from his apprenticeship to a team up of aching-hearted pirates. He meets Mabel, the daughter of Significant-Encyclopedic Stanley, and the two green people assail instantly in infatuation. Frederic finds out, however, that he was born on February 29, and so, technically, he only has a birthday each understand year. His apprenticeship indentures hold that he remains apprenticed to the pirates until his 21st birthday, and so he must fill the bill for another 63 years. Mabel agrees to recess for him faithfully.

Pirates was the fifth Gilbert and Sullivan collaboration and introduced the much-parodied Significant-General«s Flap. The opera was performed for a century by the D»Oyly Carte Opera Business in Britain and many other opera companies and relisting companies worldwide.

It has received several modernized productions, including Joseph Papp's 1981 output on Broadway, which ran for 787 performances, delightful the Tony Reward for Best Comeback and the Acting Desk Reward for Excellent Mellifluous, and spawned many imitations. Pirates remains normal today, delightful its ok along with The Mikado and H.M.S. Pinafore as one of the most commonly played Gilbert and Sullivan operas.

Mellifluous numbers

* Overture (includes «With cat-like tread», «Ah, consign me not to pine», «Pray keep holy the magnanimity», «When you had left-hand our plagiarist fold», «Climbing over difficult mountain», and «How wonderfully filthy the sky»)

Act I
Sketch of Richard Schul as the Plagiarist King

* 1. «Pour, oh issue forth, the plagiarist sherry» (Samuel and Chorus of Pirates)
* 2. «When Fred'ric was a little lad» (Ruth)
* 3. «Oh, better far to physical and die ...I am a plagiarist royal!» (Plagiarist Royal and Chorus

of Pirates)
* 4. «Oh! fabricated one, you have deceiv'd me» (Frederic and Ruth)
* 5. «Climbing over difficult mountain» (Chorus of Girls)
* 6. «Stop, ladies, pray» (Edith, Kate, Frederic, and Chorus of Girls)
* 7. «Oh, is there not one maiden breast?» (Frederic and Chorus of Girls)
* 8. «Poor wand'ring one» (Mabel and Chorus of Girls)
* 9. «What ought we to do?» (Edith, Kate, and Chorus of Girls)
* 10. «How wonderfully filthy the sky» (Mabel, Frederic, and Chorus of Girls)
* 11. «Stay, we must not give the slip our senses» ... «Here's a first-toll occasion to get married with impunity» (Frederic and Chorus of Girls and Pirates)
* 12. «Hold, monsters» (Mabel, Significant-Encyclopedic, Samuel, and Chorus)
* 13. «I am the very example of a today's Significant-General» (Significant-Encyclopedic and Chorus)
* 14. Finale Act I (Mabel, Kate, Edith, Ruth, Frederic, Samuel, Royal, Significant-Encyclopedic, and Chorus)
o «Oh, men of black-hearted and doleful fate»
o «IΓΓé¼Γäóm giving away the whole grant a redoubtable story»
o «Hail, Poetry»
o «Oh, glad day, with joyous glee»
o «Pray keep holy the magnanimity»

Act II

* 15. «Oh, dry the glist'ning tear» (Mabel and Chorus of Girls)
* 16. «Then, Frederic, let your attendant lion-hearted» (Frederic and Significant-Encyclopedic)
* 17. «When the foeman bares his steel» (Mabel, Edith, Sergeant, and Chorus of Policemen and Girls)
* 18. «Now for the pirates' covert!» (Frederic, Ruth, and Royal)
* 19. «When you had left-hand our plagiarist fold» («A paradox») (Ruth, Frederic, and Royal)
* 20. «Away, away! My heart's on liveliness!» (Ruth, Frederic, and Royal)
* 21. «All is prepar'd; your manful band await you» (Mabel and Frederic)
* 22. «Stay, Fred'ric, stay» ... «Oh, here is infatuation, and here is truth» (Mabel and Frederic)
* 23. «No, I'll be brave» ... «Though in congress and in mind» (Reprise of «When the foeman bares his steel») (Mabel, Sergeant, and Chorus of Constabulary)
* 23a. «Sergeant, technique!» (Mabel, Sergeant of Constabulary, and Chorus of Constabulary)
* 24. «When a felon's not pledged in his employment» (Sergeant and Chorus of Constabulary)
* 25. «A rollicking team up of pirates we» (Sergeant and Chorus of Pirates and Constabulary)
* 26. «With cat-like tread, upon our kill we steal» (Samuel and Chorus of Pirates and Constabulary)
* 27. «Hush, hush, not a huddle!» (Frederic, Royal, Significant-Encyclopedic, and Chorus of Constabulary

and Pirates)
* 28. Finale, Act II (Entirety)
o «Sighing softly to the river»
o «Now what is this, and what is that?»
o «Frederic here! Oh, joy! Oh, delight!»
o «With station double-dealing you worked upon our feelings!»
o «You/We jubilation now»
o «Away with them, and ok them at the bar!»
o «Poor wandering ones!»

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