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Britains Quietly Treasures

Record Documentary hosted by Bettany Hughes and Michael Buerk, published by ITV in 2012 - English narration


Britain's Quietly Treasures
In this mark new series, ITV1 will expose the miraculous treasures and factual artefacts discovered by set people that have changed our idea of British record. Presented by endow with-bewitching stringer Michael Buerk and historian and designer Bettany Hughes, the series will map out the 50 key discoveries recorded by the British Museum«s Shirt-Pocket Antiquities Plan since it was set up fifteen years ago, with the instruction of the file being strong-minded by Bettany and a panel of experts from the British Museum and The Conclave for British Archaeology. They»ll trawl through the almost one million finds of the last fifteen years whittling them down to the top fifty. Each one will be judged on its state concern, belle, cultural and signal significance.

3) 37 to 27
Michael Buerk and Bettany Hughes baksheesh items 37 to 27 on the file of consequential factual artefacts unearthed by members of the community. Bettany goes diving for Roman jewel, Michael Portillo investigates a 2,000-year-old deceitful-headed make up that could expose the first governmental coalition, and John McCarthy tells the narrative of a marvel-encrusted hybrid. There is also a jar unconditional of gold coins base in Hackney that uncovers a connection to the Nazis, and John Sergeant explores whether a store of French currency is genuine.


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