Way Of Life Saga After People: The Series

What would materialize if every hominid being on Globe disappeared? This isn’t the saga of how we might vanish – it is the saga of what happens to the existence we cease to exist behind. Construction off the achievement of HISTORY’s two-hour valued Way Of Life Saga After People, this ten role series continues the study of a existence wiped cleansed of humankind, in even more true to life technicality. Just like the valued, each event will use cinematic CGI to paint the town red – in detailed technicality – the destiny of every quality of the man-made existence. What happens to the millions of animals that outfitting our food? The chemicals stored in industrial complexes? Which animals take over subways? Do satellites get cracking to earth? When does Mt. Rushmore wither away? Every event will up in the hours, days, months and years after people cease to exist and will mix three to four different kinds of stories, from unrefined outbreaks to structural collapses, construction to a unexcelled visual finale. Welcome to Globe, citizens zero.


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Event Five — The Invaders

Aired: 19 May 2009

In a way of life saga after people, Globe is invaded by robbing forces: Pythons, once odd pets, now struggle alligators for rule of the Everglades, invasive plants lay bare oxygen from lakes and rivers, and the retribution invades Phoenix with mammoth sandstorms. Meanwhile, Shanghai sinks under the dialect heft of its meaningless skyscrapers, while Miami Strand battles the forces of the Atlantic Ocean.

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